Māori Incarceration

Māori incarceration runs deep in New Zealand history but two university professors say taking a tikanga approach to criminal justice could break the racist system that traps Māori in generational cycles of imprisonment.

Tearaway’s New Publisher: In Conversation About The Future

Tearaway’s future is in safe hands as it’s publishership is officially handed over to a new owner this week. Long-time music columnist Erica McQueen broke the news to contributors that she would be taking on both publishing and editing responsibilities, last Monday — taking the magazine into its 35th year of publication.

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ROONIE: NZ’s next big thing

If there’s a name that you are bound to hear on the radio any time soon, that name is ROONIE – or more specifically, Michaela Pointon.The 19-year-old has recently re-established herself on the NZ music scene as pop artist ROONIE – complete with her debut release My Heart, a vibrant track that matches her bright personality to a tee. I sat down with ROONIE to chat music, inspiration and her goals for the future.

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