Chloe Edmonds is a third year Fashion Design student at Massey University in Wellington. She is originally from England and moved with her family to Auckland in 2003. Ten years later, she moved to Wellington to study, and although she misses her family and friends, she says that “moving to Wellington has been great for growing my independence and creativity – and I have made amazing friends here that I now call family.”

I asked Chloe a few questions about her experience so far studying Fashion Design at Massey University.

 1_Ball GownsmChloe's sister Morganne’s Year 13 ball dress, designed and made by Chloe

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  2_1920ssmChloe's 1920s inspired dress, modelled by Chloe Mackinnon. Photo by Kate Judson

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3_ChristmassmChloe's light-up costume for the Street City Church’s Christmas production, modelled by Hannah Dunn

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In the world of fashion, which designers inspire you the most and why?

I absolutely love Elie Saab’s work. His Haute Couture line is so stunning and is, in my opinion, the definition of glamour. The shapes he creates are very flattering to the body and the materials and textures are soft, glitzy and elegant. One of my favourite NZ designers is Sally Eagle. She graduated from Massey and now runs her own bridal shop. I had the privilege of working for her in 2013 and I love her soft, romantic style. She is excellent with lace and achieves perfection in her dresses.

What do you feel is your greatest achievement in fashion design so far?

I can’t think of a specific achievement, but I think making it to my third year of study is pretty significant! Studying design at a tertiary level pushes you to the extreme and although it is very rewarding, it is very difficult at times. I am proud of the things I have learnt and achieved and I am excited to go on to the next half of my degree.

What would be your dream job when you’ve finished study?
I haven’t figured out exactly what my dream job would be, but I like the idea of working closely with people and designing special occasion dresses for them. The designing and making process is a lot more fun when you have in mind who will be wearing the dress. I also love to travel and hope that will be involved in my future career. I hope to travel to all the fashion capitals such as Milan, Paris, New York and London, as they have so much culture and excitement.

What is one of your favourite fashion eras?

I love the style of the 1920s. It was just after the war and there was a liberating feel which was transferred into the clothing. Woman especially were liberated and wore glitzy, glamorous dresses, highly influenced by the art deco style. I love the culture behind the clothing and also glamour of the dresses themselves.

Would you like to make more modern dresses inspired by the 1920’s style?

Definitely. I think the style has so much to offer and is so fun. Even just a hint of 1920’s glamour can totally transform a garment into something wonderful.
Do you have any tips for high school students that want to get into fashion – any words of inspiration?

Work hard and do what you love. I had quite a few people in high school telling me not to pursue fashion design because it was an ‘easy’ class or it wasn’t ‘academic’ enough. It’s so easy to be persuaded by your peers, but if it is something you enjoy, why not have a go at it? You then have to work really hard and produce something beautiful and suddenly everyone thinks it is so cool that you do fashion design and they want you to design something for them.

Keep an eye out for Chloe’s work; she has projects coming up this year which include bridesmaids dresses and wedding dresses. Check out her work on her Facebook page.

For more information on studying Fashion Design at Massey, click here.