Love tanks or hate tanks, you’ll love World of Tanks. TEARAWAY Maverick JORDAN MURRAY explains.

If you like tanks, which I’m pretty sure everybody does, then you’re going to love World of Tanks. If for some reason you don’t like tanks, or even have a peculiar hatred for tanks and all things artillery, you’re probably still going to love World of Tanks.

The actual fighting itself is about as straightforward as you get. Drive your tank around, point turret at other tank and then shoot it ‘til either one of you explode. There are some other gameplay aspects, such as using bushes to hide from enemy vision or facing your tank toward the enemy to minimise their armour penetration, but at least at the beginning of the game you can get by just running around and blasting people without a care.

I think it is this carelessness which makes World of Tanks so great. It’s just impossible to get annoyed or frustrated while playing this game! Been shot by some huge heavy tank that you’ve never seen before? Marvel at his tank for a few seconds, decide that from now on you’re a heavy tank guy and then back to the Garage and out into another battle. The combination of near-instant matchmaking and games which are for the most part extremely short (well, maybe longer if you’re good at the game but I’m usually one of the first to die because I’m bad) – as well as the ability to leave a game immediately after you’ve died instead of sitting around waiting – means that the action never stops. You never get annoyed at death because you can be back in one of your other tanks in half a minute ready to go again.

Customisation and the tank upgrade system is where most of the strategy comes into play. The customisation tree, while fairly linear, is pretty huge and offers plenty of choice depending on how you want to play. I recently unlocked the M5 Stuart, a very fast, light tank with the option to put a 75mm Howitzer on it. I basically turned myself into a 25 tonne moving shotgun, running around behind enemy lines and blasting people in the back. If you prefer to sit back and snipe from afar, then heavy tanks and tank destroyers may be the path you choose. Upgrading your tank genuinely feels rewarding and the excitement when you finally get your favourite tank to Elite status (fully upgraded) or unlock the new tank you’ve been grinding for is really an experience in it’s own.

I feel I must quickly mention the microtransaction system. World of Tanks is completely free to download and play, but the microtransaction currency, Gold, makes the game a whole lot easier to progress through and takes out some of the grinding which begins to happen toward the middle tiers of tanks. Wargaming has done a really good job at making Gold super impacting and the rewards it gives really augment the gameplay of someone new. So if you’re getting into this game because it’s free, I urge you to be very careful about keeping it free or you could find yourself down $60 because of that shiny new Premium tank in your Garage.

Rating - Download it, it's FREE!


World of  Tanks is available on the following platforms:

Xbox 360


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