13 years old
New Plymouth Girls’ High School

The world is a place
We can not bear
Never on a leash
But always there

The screams and the shouts
Of children that have been silenced
No one listens, no one hears
Just because they’ve built their walls and wrapped their caution tape, doesn’t mean they’re not seeking aid.
Not the ade of dandelion coloured lemons, that hang from tree like a lifeless swing.
They’re seeking the aid of a human touch, a human voice
“Are you okay?”
“I’m worried about you”
“I’m always here for you, I’ll never leave”
But, you see, that’s the line they never trust
Because the ones they always want
Are the ones that go
The ones that disappear,
Out of their cold dark lonely world.
‘Cause again
The world is a place
We cannot bear
Never on a leash
But always there.

Then that very moment someone gets
A world they can escape
They’ll take the first chance,
To unlock the door
And walk straight out.
That is the mistake people always make
Yet it is a world
It is not a world that is theirs.
The sad thing is,
Once too many souls
Have walked out that world,
That is not theirs
The one living in that world
Believe they can escape,
They can go.
Why not? Some many have left already.
But no, ’cause you see
Their world is a place
They can not bear
Never on a leash
But always there.
They realised that long ago
But they still had hope
And now that hope is gone.

If you just stayed and listened
Maybe their world would’ve
Flown away and glistened.

This poem is part of the TEARAWAY Young Poets feature for National Poetry Day.

The Common Room