When TEARAWAY Maverick LISA BENTLEY went to Parachute this year, she managed to catch up with a whole bunch of amazing artists. Here are snippets from her chats with Massad, NewWorldSon, Ascend the Hill, Benny Tipene and Michael Gungor.


Massad. Photo by Rachel Soh


If you could tell the girls of today one thing, what would it be?

Ummm… to stop making me ‘durp’! But on a serious note, the thing would be to not put too much stuff online. Have online life, but real life too, because it’s so easy to get lost in the online world. Be safe online – I know it sounds real lame, but it’s like, that stuff is on there forever. Be wary of the online world.

What is the best life lesson you have learnt so far?

I think the thing I’ve learned in life the most is to believe in yourself, because a lot of times people around you kind of believe, some of them don’t really believe, and some believe in money. For an artist, or for anyone really, you’ve got to believe in yourself and you’ve got to set your goals super high. Just aim for them; dream as big as you can.


New World Son. Photo by Amos Ling


What is your one wish or piece of advice for teenage boys?

Darryl: I think the main thing I would like to tell young men is to learn how to respect women. Music in the past 20 years, certain elements of rap, certain elements of music in general – they just downgrade women. As men we need to learn to respect women.

John: As a father – I have two teenage girls – my message would be out to fathers, to love your daughters as you would love yourself. That’s a huge message, because girls can get emotionally mixed up if they don’t have the love from their fathers. That’s why you see youth being pregnant and on drugs, out on the streets at an early age, ’cause they are wanting it and needing it, and they don’t know why, and that’s why you see them having babies, because then they have something to care for.

What would be your one wish for the youth of today?

To be themselves. That’s the first thing that comes to mind. Living life fully. Being able to be themselves and give all of themselves to anything they do. Joy. Find joy.

Who are your favourite bands to play with?

Loud Heart and Half Noise. We get excited seeing people do their thing and doing it well.


benny tipene

Benny Tipene. Photo by Victor Alexeyev


Has fame changed you?

Not a huge amount. I guess the thing that’s changed the most is that I can’t do things the way I used to do, like I can’t go out and make a fool of myself. If anything, it’s made me realise I need to be more humble, there are so many people watching.

Who is God to you?

He’s a good guy. I have Christian values, but I wouldn’t call myself a Christian, because that’s again another thing for people to idolise, but if I’m doing something wrong, it’s like “he’s a Christian, he shouldn’t be doing that”. I wouldn’t parade around the place saying I’m a Christian.



Gungor. Photo by Victor Alexeyev

What is your one wish for the youth of today?

I hope that the technology we have available to us today, this generation learns how to use in a healthy way; that we can become more human with it, and less escapist.

What role does God play in your music?

I see God as the name for that which cannot be named. Saying that God has a role is almost too small. God is that which allows music to happen. He’s the source. To me, it all comes from and goes back to Him. It’s the ultimate.


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