Imagine if there was an online platform where all you had to do when moving house, flat or any abode, is fill in your details only once and you were sent multiple quotes within minutes across a number of moving companies?

That’s not only working smarter but wiser and that’s why Wise Move is a real game-changer for anyone who is shifting big and small anywhere in New Zealand.

Say Goodbye to Time Wasting

One of the biggest headaches when shifting flat, home or the whole entire family is contacting removal companies to work out how much everything is going to cost and who you can trust to do the job. It’s a nightmare and takes up precious time and energy. 

The easy and quick thing to do is to fill out the information once and let the Wise Move app do the work for you. 

With a database of only the most reputable moving companies in New Zealand the hard work has already been done.  Whether you’re looking for movers in Auckland or moving companies in Dunedin, they’re all here ready and waiting to take care of your precious cargo. 

Need A Specialist?

It’s not just about making sure your cargo goes from A to B; it’s making sure it arrives safely and in exactly the same condition it left in.

Say you have a favourite family furniture heirloom that’s been passed down through the family you need shifting.  Your request will only be sent to the best furniture movers that fit your specific criteria.  These are the moving companies who have ticked all the boxes when it comes to having skilled people power to do the job right. 

Same goes for moving the members of your furry family around the country. Only specialised pet movers will be sent your information and supply you with not only a quote but the reassurance you need that your much-loved family pet or pets will be well cared for during their transit.  

Looking for a deal?

Sometimes if you’re lucky and the transport company needs to optimise their load they will be able to give you a special deal because it means they aren’t travelling part empty. 

It’s good for you and them because you get to use up the space they have and they don’t part empty load so it’s a win/win for everyone 

Speakers Corner

If you’re still not convinced is the, well wise move; check out the review section online.  This is the place where people leave feedback and arms you with valuable insights around others personal experiences.  There’s nothing better than word of mouth when wanting to find out more information and it speaks volumes. 

Next time you’re looking for a moving company don’t spend hours collecting quotes.  Fill in one form online and let the Wise Move platform do all the hard work for you.  Choose the best service that suits your moving needs, fits your price bracket and gives you peace of mind. Now that’s a wise move.