If you’ve been on any social media lately, you’ve probably heard of Wolfenoot. Wolfenoot is a
brand-new made-up holiday, and I for one think it’s awesome.

First, it’s a holiday for dogs, and people who love and adore them. There are presents,
and moon-cakes, and roasts, but the best part is because it’s new, you can do whatever you want for

Second, it was invented by a seven-year-old Kiwi kid (didn’t we all have amazing ideas at that
age?), but it went viral after his mum posted it on Facebook with a hashtag so she could show him
when other people liked his idea. I mean, dogs are awesome, and the positive effect one person can
have through social media is amazing; together the two are worth celebrating in Wolfenoot.

Want to celebrate Wolfenoot and break exam monotony with something fun and different? Here
are some ideas:

– Make cakes that look like moons Eat moon-shaped food – get creative with some deliciously edible food art!
– Eat roast meat – or a vegetarian alternative
– Hug your dog – or someone else’s
–  Draw, write, or create something awesome for or about dogs
– Volunteer for a charity that looks after animals, a specific dog charity, or a conservation
– Make stuff to sell and fundraise for a charity with cool items (and sell them here)
– Give presents to dogs and dog-lovers – Secret Santa Wolf, anyone?
– Wish people a howly Wolfenoot – or make up your own greeting!
– Make decorations for Wolfenoot
– Visit canines at a zoo – Wellington’s Dingoes, Hamilton’s Painted Hunting Dogs – or learn
how your closest zoo, wildlife park, or favourite overseas wildlife protection organisation
helps vulnerable and endangered animals
– Learn more about wolves in a library, online, or in a documentary
– Invent a Wolfenoot tradition
– Go for a walk and notice things like a dog would – investigate rustling bushes, admire the
cracks in the pavement and the shape of the grass, and follow that food-stall smell! Try
taking photos or writing about the experience: it’s not every day you get to be a dog.
– Take pictures of your celebration and post them with the hashtag #wolfenoot
– Have a dog-selfie competition with friends – how many can you take in an hour?
– Post something positive online and promote your friends’ positive posts – make the internet
a good environment for everyone, one character and heart react at a time.

And here is a small incomplete list of charities you could support:

– Animal Evac NZ
– DC Rescue Dogs
– Greyhound Protection League NZ – a list of charities that give greyhounds (and sometimes –
other dogs and animals too) good homes
– Paws 4 Life
– Pet Rescue
– Pound Hounds Rescue

If you want to find out more about the original idea, check out the website, Facebook page, event, and group, and the official Twitter (@realwolfenoot).

Mackenzie is Tearaway’s resident evil Aspie queen. Mwahaha! She’s dead set on becoming a geneticist, but she’s interested in other things too. Like Sims, cats, owls, Sims, books, music, Sims, Ancient Roman life, Latin, Sims…