Bbbrrrrr... it's getting cold out there! No more jandals and short shorts for us. Enter TEARAWAY Maverick ANNA HENVEST to tell us what's what in winter fashion.


I LOVE winter. Watching movies, snuggling with big duvets, warm baths and splashing in puddles... Winter is the best time of year! It is also an amazing time of the year for fashion. We’re talking scarves, big coats, cute hats and socks; all the good things.

Today I’m highlighting some essentials for your winter wardrobe, ladies. Dudes – don’t worry, a winter fashion run-down is on the way for you too, so stay tuned.

For a lot of people, winter fashion is all about the blacks and dark colours. While I’m a sucker for a black leather jacket, I’ve purposefully left out black to show you how to brighten up your winter wardrobe. After the rise of the puffer jacket in the last couple of years, I want to see some bright colours this year, please!

High Waist Navy Denim from ASOS $56.45

If you’re trying to avoid black this winter, navy is definitely your go-to colour. I’ve picked out these skinny jeans but the great thing about navy jeans is that you can find them in all different shapes and styles. They are the perfect base for your wardrobe.

Windy Chicago Sweater from Tobi – On sale for $36

Who says jumpers aren’t for the fashionistas? I love this one from Tobi because it’s a little bit of a twist on your classic grey knit.

White Moto Jacket from Tobi $115

This is where a bit of my fashion forecast comes in: Leather jackets are going to be HUGE this year. The chunkier the zips and buckles, the better. This white jacket is fake leather which is always ideal for a chick on a budget.

Checkered Beanie from ASOS $7.91

Who doesn’t love a bargain? A beanie for under $10 is my kind of thing. We all know beanies are saviours if you don’t have lot of time for your hair in the morning. Chuck it on and if you have long hair, a messy plait compliments it just nicely. Because it’s black and white, it’s the perfect partner for a bold coloured top or statement piece.

Kenzie Boots from Number One Shoes $49.99

I have to say, I’m loving the range from Number One at the moment. If you’re after a good pair of winter boots, check out their range before you go anywhere else. Even when I was researching for this piece, I saw some shops selling a nearly identical pair of shoes for twice the price that they were at Number One. I just bought these Kenzie Boots and they’re comfy and oh-so-stylish. I love a cheeky heel, so this pair of boots are perfection!

ASOS Blouse – on sale for $42.94

High neck blouses are definitely a fave of mine. Classy and comfortable, this blouse has your base colours sorted, making it a perfect match for a bold coloured coat. This blouse, a red coat, some skinnies and a killer pair of boots: outfit done.

Polka Dot Vintage Jacket from LYNN Boutique $70 

A good parka is top of the list for winter essentials. Say ‘adios’ to the boring black and navy parka; why not give spots a go?

Dome Button Blouse from Glassons $39.99

OK, so you’ve surrendered and bought a black coat, and you’re looking for the right top to wear under it. This blouse from Glassons comes in a bunch of different colours but I’ve gone for the red; it’s youthful and chic. This is also one of those tops you can wear all year round, maybe with a little black skirt in summer.

Snood from ASOS $23.73

The snood is a pretty recent invention – and what a great one. This one from ASOS is my pick. It looks snuggly and I love the caramel and honey tones.

Polka Umbrella from ASOS – on sale for $27.12

How cute is this umbrella? With the dull weather on its way, stay prepared and on-trend with a statement umbrella. I’m going through a bit of a polka dot phase at the moment, so this fuchsia one is my favourite, but ASOS have a wicked range of all sort of colours and designs.