If you haven’t heard the smash Sail by now, you need to re-evaluate your life choices, because it is one of the biggest songs of the decade. It’s offensive and assaults you, but in all the right ways. It’s strange to think it’s been four years since that song came out, but it really has. Now, Awolnation returns with a brand new set of tracks, Run.

It might have been easy to just replicate Sail ten times over and create an album that is chill to listen to and pleases the masses. But Aaron Bruno – who makes up the entirety of Awolnation – decided to stay away from that particular route. His latest offering is new, dynamic, interesting and different.


Here are five reasons why you need to listen to Run:

#1. The first single, Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf) is awesome, and the video is pretty cool too.

#2. When Sail hit the masses, Bruno became one of the front-runners in the electronic music industry. This album has pushed him even further ahead.

#3. It is full of so many different genres and styles, it could be turned into ten separate albums stemming around each track.

#4. It will make you feel like an absolute boss.

#5. It’s not the best album ever made, but it’s really good and it’s insanely different from any others you might have heard this year.


Run is available now.