Because he is simply incredible, that’s why!

No but really, Noel is the dark angel of comedy, a bringer of joy and deep thoughts all at once. Here are a few reasons why you NEED to attend one of his shows.


#1. It’s his first tour of New Zealand

Many people have been waiting a long time for this – why not join in on the fun?

#2. He’s basically a comedy legend

Noel has been performing since the ’90s, and has made a name for himself through many famous TV shows and tours around the world.


He is Vince Noir; legend, mod, glam-rock god, fashion icon, music talent, novelist, zookeeper, salesman, adopted son of Brian Ferry…. Need I say more?

#4. Aside from Vince Noir being a fashion icon, Noel himself is also known for his outlandish attire.

Whether he’s rocking a dress, silver boots, or a psychedelic David Bowie shirt, Noel is never one to go unnoticed.

#5. His quick wit

Noel has a brain like no one else. Not only can he instantly think of a funny line to follow the one before, but he never says what you expect.

#6. His hair

It’s dope. Just look at it.

#7. He’s one of my idols

By now you should trust that I have chosen a select group of humans to be my idols. They are all the finest specimens of humanity, and are virtuosos in their fields.

#8. He’s the best thing about the Big Fat Quiz of The Year

I don’t even know how to explain… just watch him go! #ElectricMoccasins

#9. He just announced a second Auckland show!

If you are Auckland based, you could go see him twice! TWICE! Do it! YOLO!

There are still tickets available for most shows of Noel’s tour, so grab yours now.


Ticket Info

Tickets are available here for the Auckland shows and here for the Wellington and Christchurch shows.

Auckland Asb Theatre Saturday 9th May

Auckland Bruce Mason Centre Sunday 10th May

Wellington Opera House Monday 11th May

Wellington Opera house Tuesday 12th May

Christchurch Isaac Theatre Royal Thursday 14th May