From hiking on the shoulders of giants to cliff jumping off of towering waterfalls, it’s safe to say Tripper Society has established a name for itself within the adventure community. But what are we at Tripper Society actually about?


Who we are

We’re a collective of young individuals with shared common interests: travel and adventure. There’s no real face of Tripper Society, if you follow our adventures on any of the social media platforms you’ll be quick to notice our content features a wide range of people. This is because we’ve always invited others to be part of our experiences tripping around the country to some of nature’s best spots. However, we do have a main group of five with an extended group of 30+ who have a thirst for living life the way we intend to – unconventionally. None of us are financially wealthy, nor do we come from well off families, we just make do with what resources we have to sustain the adventurous lifestyles we live. Oh, and we make cool videos.


Where it all began

If you look at our photo gallery, you won’t find a recurring theme in appearances. Our group has an ethnic make-up of a panda. We’re Caucasian, Polynesian and Maori, Asian and Middle Eastern.

It all started with three of us: Ben, Eric and Rob. We would often go out hiking and camping using our GoPros to document our finds. We would hear about huge waterholes with rope swings, ancient glow worm caves or hidden beaches and just head out clueless in search of these natural gems without any idea on how to find them.

After hours of hiking after sundown, we’d find our hidden treasures only to meet others who had also been on the same quest that day and it would all hit off. It was a buzz always meeting new people at each destination who were so like minded and lived life the same way we did – spontaneous and in the moment, that was always the real treasure. Lately, we’ve been using our social media platforms to connect with others on the same wave length, proof that social media can be used in a positive light!


Our mission

Our purpose is to share New Zealand with the world through our content and encourage everyone to get outdoors! We all loved adventure as kids so what changed? Life happens, work happens and stress proceeds to overrule the strong passion we once had to enjoy a bit of discovery. Often our youth fall in to this busy cycle early, only to have their youth escape them a few years later. This is why we aim to encourage others to break away from the many worries of life and take a stress detox in nature.

We use our gifts individually to collectively portray our mission through means of videography, photography, writing and speaking. Our content is structured around making Tripper Society a social community rather than exclusive, it’s a movement everyone’s welcome to be part of. Being Kiwis, we’re all passionate about sharing New Zealand with the world as its truly the undiscovered 8th wonder of the world. Where else can you drive for an hour and have a complete scenic transition from snow to desert?


The future of Tripper

As of August, we will have reached our one-year milestone, and moving forward, we aim to continue producing our adventure content of New Zealand while furthering our own individual passions. We’re still discovering new parts of our beautiful home each day so remember to tune in to our vlogs and adrenaline packed adventure videos each week! Also, we will be extending our invites out to the wider community so more people can get amongst the action out and about. If this sounds like you then be sure to keep an eye out on Facebook if you’re up for some winter adventures, we’re all about connecting with other free spirited people.

So to conclude, our purpose here is simply to share the beauty of our country with both Kiwis and the world in hopes of encouraging others to explore all nature has to offer while still respecting the land. Don’t forget how blessed you are if you live in the beautiful land of the long white cloud!

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