Hey guys, we’re back with the Weekly Music Haul! It’s a good week to get back into it of course, exciting things have happened – festival line-ups announced and singles released. Let’s round them up, shall we?

Laneway 2016

This one’s like an early birthday present: Laneway have delivered, for the seventh time in a row, a line-up worthy of a double-take! Where to begin? Tame Impala, White Lung, The Julie Ruin, The Chills, Mick Jenkins, Nicky Murphy, Refused… there’s a lot of good stuff here actually. In fact, a pick ‘n mix is the better simile for this line-up; it’s a solid combination – the best of what’s current, what’s up-coming and what’s been. And like the pick ‘n mixes at my local, there’s no filler to be found.

New Music Video: Lady Gaga – Perfect Illusion

In more Tame Impala news, spot Kevin Parker (the guy getting headlocked by Gaga) and Mark Ronson in the music video for Perfect Illusion. Of course, Lady Gaga is the star here as she always is, and belts out something fierce in the desert. It feels redundant to call a Gaga video ‘interesting’, but it really is. I’ve never seen camera angles so menacing and in my personal space.   

Tinashe – Company

Why isn’t Tinashe filling stadiums yet? She’s gone from strength to strength, dropping jams regularly and always to a consistent quality. That isn’t to say all her tracks have sounded the same, in fact, it is increasingly the opposite. Company feels a lot harder than her previous work, dropping the smoothness for a rather banging experience of high melodies and this, what I think sounds like Super Mario music?

Mac Miller – The Divine Feminine

When on the day of this album’s release Mac Miller shared with us a message of hope and love, it was obvious this would be a different album. Not that it’s wrong to be a frat boy, but it is hugely appreciated that the Pittsburgh rapper has allowed himself to craft something a little more genuine. All of the highlights are the softer tracks, the ones that wallow in atmospheric and colourful instrumentation. It’s also his best featured album, with spots from Anderson .Paak, Ariana Grande, Ty Dolla $ign and Kendrick Lamar. Thinking back to the criticisms he faced in the beginning, this in itself is an indicator of his growth as an artist. His collaboration with Kendrick is especially vital.

New Preoccupations Album

Preoccupations return minus their stupidly thought-out name ‘Viet Cong’, so now we can finally concentrate on the music. It’s worth concentrating on – it’s slower than their debut but way darker and quirkier.

Danny Brown ft. Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul and Early Sweatshirt: Really Doe

Danny Brown finally shows us some of what he’s been whipping up for his second album Atrocity Exhibition and it’s a jangly, bassy boast of a song. It’s interesting too; I hadn’t thought of Danny Brown and Earl Sweatshirt as team-mates before, the latter much more slow and serious in delivery than the former, but they work here. Kendrick echoes throughout, as do some turn-tables – which I welcome, as how unused are they these days?

City of Souls Announced to Support Bring Me to the Horizon

Hard rock super group City of Souls – the band features members from Blindspott, Blacklistt and 8 Foot Sativa – are now opening for Brits Bring Me to the Horizon for their show this Sunday. Exciting news, as this is a band who will nicely compliment the heavy rocking/emotive centre combo that the Bring Me to the Horizon boys deliver.