In this week’s edition of The Haul, we pay tribute to the news that isn’t Justin Bieber coming to New Zealand. Because there’s also been a few good singles from the likes of Solange, Radiohead and Sleigh Bells, and they’re definitely worth knowing about too!


Justin Bieber is coming to New Zealand!

Okay I’m aware of what I wrote in the introduction, but this is actually huge news. Justin Bieber is bringing his Purpose tour to NZ in March next year. He will be continuing on with the massive accolades he’s received for Purpose, the album that has produced the stellar What Do You Mean? and Sorry. The show will be absolutely huge and tickets, I’d imagine, will run out very fast.

And so is Green Day!

The other big tour news is that Green Day are bringing their Revolution Radio show in the same month. Come March we can expect the theatrics that I so enjoyed when I saw the band in 2009. Green Day are at their best when they’re political, so in this climate you can expect them to get very good.

Sleigh Bells – I Can Only Stare

After writing Sleigh Bells off as has-beens, a band with a shtick that got boring, I am eating my words. I Can Only Stare is seriously great. They’ve got to being good again by moving on with a new formula. They’ve tossed out the shredding guitar and the overly loud vocals for the power-pop. And they do the power-pop really well. It’s an emotive song with blasts of melodic synth.

Now as I listen to it for about the tenth time, I get shivers during the verse as it leads into the chorus, knowing how good it is. Sleigh Bells deserve the award for ‘Most Improved.’

Solange – Don’t Touch My Hair ft. Sampha

This song is amazing in every way. First of all, Solange’s voice is just so cool. She injects passion in her defence of personal space and identity, but does so with such style and grace. Everything around Solange’s voice sounds great too – the ominous hum at the beginning develops into a triumphant horn blast.

Radiohead – Ill Wind

A bonus track from the deluxe version of A Moon Shaped Pool, Ill Wind (such a confusing title) boasts the falsetto that has launched Radiohead into stardom, and the synths that made them critical darlings too.

Grimes releases four new music videos all at once

This would be something Grimes would do, wouldn’t it? Combine her love of work with her love of visual wonder. The best of the four is the video for Butterfly, which sees Grimes and her gang in costume around Italy. The style is hyper-surreal as her crew bust out some killer outfits. 


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