Summer is coming, and my goodness does it look appetising. Festivals are lining up left, right and centre with two announcements just this week! On the singles side, we’ve got new ones from Anderson .Paak and Kevin Morby.

Soundsplash makes its second announcement

Festivals are a hallmark of summer but unfortunately so many of them are for people 18 and over. Soundsplash changes this; the sun-scorched festival boasts a truly glorious array of New Zealand’s best and is all-ages.

Tiki Taane leads the pack of the recently announced. Tiki is famous for his intense, connecting and sometimes controversial live performances. The wonderful Hollie Smith and Glaswegian group Mungo Hi-Fi are among the announced. They join headliners Six60, a band who are not only one of New Zealand’s best, but summer’s best… full stop.

The New Zealand Ukulele Festival announces international guest act

If summer was an instrument, you just know it would be a ukulele. Summer properly begins on the 1st of December, but just two days after, on the 3rd, we will be treated to some soothing ukulele jams.

The festival, located at Vector Arena and celebrating its ten year anniversary, will feature performances from Malcolm Lakatani’s Creative Souls Project, The Nukes, a Teen Talent Showcase as well as free ukulele lessons. Best of all, Honoka & Azita, teenagers from Hawaii who have become esteemed for their joyous YouTube performances, have just been announced as the international guests. All of summer will be compacted into this one day alone!

New Video: Anderson .Paak – Come Down

Earlier this year, R ‘n’ B up and comer Anderson .Paak released the absolutely brilliant Malibu, and this week he released the video for standout track Come Down. The video accurately captures the essence of .Paak: Music that electrifies any setting it’s played in. The setting in question this time being an underground club, made vital by the high energy performance given by Anderson .Paak and his band.

Kevin Morby – Beautiful Strangers

It’s being said of country that it’s become increasingly ‘bro’ dominated, songs about trucking and fires – all style, no substance. Country should instead be populated by artists like Kevin Morby. Beautiful Strangers is needed because it is heartfelt. It occupies a space where it sings with honesty and still manages to stay true to the genre’s founding assets – spirituality and folklore.


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