With the pressure of exams and the latest in American politics hovering around everyone, let’s talk music instead! We’ve made it easy for you to keep up with the best of the latest music this week… have a peruse of this lot.


The XX fans rejoice!

It’s been 4 long years since we’ve been graced with an album from The XX. Their single On Hold, released just yesterday, is distinctly groovier and ‘dancier’ than their usual chilled, melancholic vibe. The chorus has integrated bits of Daryl Hall & John Oates’ I Can’t Go for That, a work of genius in itself. While Jamie released his solo work last year, XX fans have been starved of new material and now finally have something they can sink their teeth into.


64 Bars gets real

Taking things down to the very heart of the art, 64 Bars stands tall and strong, rooted in the love for rapping. This event showcases what true talent is; not fancy dresses, makeup, marketing ploys or other theatrical acts, just pure talent coming together in the name of music to give us a taste of real freestyle rapping. David Dallas hits the stage with RaizaBiza, PNC, Abdul Kay, Kid$eb, Dirty and many more sensational artists for one night only, so be sure to grab your tickets. Here is a little teaser; Dirty doing 64 Bars his way.


Goodnight City from Martha Wainwright

Out this week is Martha Wainwright’s latest album Goodnight City. In collaboration with several esteemed artists, such as Beth Orton, Rufus Wainwright, Glen Hansard and even Michael Ondaatje; Goodnight City is bound to be a powerful punch of pure perfection. Released earlier this year, the single Around the Bend is a delightful teaser of the folky vibes that underlay Martha’s work. Soothe your eardrums with this light yet soulful track…

Body/Head is the experiment gone right

After much crossing of days on the calendar with patience and total devotion, we are finally rewarded with Body/Head’s latest album, No Waves. The fantastic pairing of icons Kim Gordon (of Sonic Youth) and Bill Nace (Vampire Belt), Body/Head is the experiment gone right, an answer to a question too faint to form, too solid to ignore. The imperceptible shifts in moods and the trademark Gordon distortion of the guitar are a couple of the components in this piece. Each layer in each song seems to be laid independent of each other, yet somehow, in between the screeches and sighs, Body/Head is actually all heart.

New venue for The Cult in Auckland

All rollers and rockers, pay attention: The Cult will be changing their location for the Auckland show on the 21st of November (less than two weeks away!) to the Powerstation in Mt Eden. All Auckland tickets bought previously will be accepted. For those of you too preoccupied with exams to get yourself a ticket, now would be a good time to get on that.


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