We’re heading into autumn, so I guess it’s only appropriate that as the leaves begin to drop so too do some of the year’s most emotive singles. We’ve got some stellar new tracks from Lorde, Future and The Drums. Also, our own Theia has passed five million streams on Spotify!


Lorde – Green Light

Finally. It’s been a good wait but here she is again, and she’s roaring. The song begins with a grunt; a snarling condemnation of a lying ex. But that anger soon transforms into a powerful swirl of synth and drums.

Better than this heavy unleashing of built-up angst is the news that Lorde’s album is 100% on the way. It will be called Melodrama, which seems very fitting for this first single.


Future – Comin out Strong

Future’s slurry chest-beating has left a huge mark on the hip-hop world. His success has been well-deserved. While the world swoons over the type of political hip-hop Kendrick Lamar has excelled in, Future consistently puts everything humanly possible into pushing and developing trap. A brave move as there’s nothing academically substantial to the genre… But it’s musically rich and what’s wrong with writing fun lyrics? 

With all this in mind, here The Weeknd calls the shots. Future and The Weeknd seem like odd bed-fellows but they have worked together before, at a joint Saturday Night Live performance wowing audiences last year. This time, it’s Future who compromises, producing a sorrowful exploration of personal identity. The Weeknd meanwhile plays the part of a spiritual guide. 


Girl Ray – Stupid Things

One of the sweetest songs out right now. The London trio lose their head in the clouds with a jaunty, sweeping brace of harmless romance. The track goes at its own pace: the band know that love doesn’t last, but they’re brave enough to enjoy it for what it is.


The Drums – Blood Under My Belt

With the entire band deserting frontman Jonny Pierce, The Drums are now just one drum. But they’ve lost none of their polish. Specifically, they’re just as 80’s-crazy as they’ve always been and ‘wearing your heart on your sleeve’ takes centre-stage again.


Arca – Anoche

The London-based Arca says Björk is responsible for his latest single. We could have guessed either way. The track’s body consists of the same glitchy percussion and hollow vocals present on Björk’s phenomenal Vulnicura. The key similarity, however, is that both artists sing in a style true to them. Arca’s voice is directed by accent and an unashamed heavy drawl. Look, it’s not easy listening, but it’s worth giving a go.



New Zealand’s treasured Theia has turned heads ever since her debut single Roam last year. Posting on Facebook, Theia noted that the single has exceeded five million streams. Roam is a great single, but her latest Champagne Supernova is even better. Goodness knows how many plays that track will reach!


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