In this edition of the Haul we take a look at the sadfeels of new Drake, the bouncy joy of Balu Brigada and the beautiful harmonies of the Modern Māori Quartet. We also have music news from Lorde, The National and Northern Bass. What a week!


Drake – Signs

The level of Drake news this week means that not only has this week been exciting, but it’s a sign of greater things to come.

The first bit of news is the new single Signs. It’s classic sadfeels Drake, as opposed to the feisty Drake that let loose a little while back on his playlist (still don’t know what that means exactly) More Life released earlier this year. On this song, it sounds like he’s bored in addition to being sad – and that’s not meant to be a criticism, it’s beautiful to hear him sing honestly. It’s about the emptiness of drinking all day, and the loneliness he feels even when surrounded by beautiful women. Hopefully this is a hint at an upcoming of album of the same kind of themes.

Like always, it’s a fantastic track but it’s all a bit sad. And if you’re feeling really super bummed about it, there’s this video to cheer you up done for the NBA Awards Show. It stars Drake and Will Ferrell as ‘hand-shake’ coaches. And all jokes aside, the Jenga shake looks cool as hell and should be done everywhere.


Balu Brigada – Could You Not

Buncha Kiwi lads doing alright.

Could You Not is fun and loose, and is a song in three parts. It begins like a party that you wish you were invited to. Extra extra low bass and a pretty-boy voice make it wild. Whether or not you were actually invited to their party is irrelevant, because you still feel like bopping around – and you probably will.

Then suddenly, the guitars explode and a disappointed female voice takes the mic. It’s an odd break from the song but is redeemed by the joyous finale, which seems to whizz back out of nowhere. That bouncy sound of the first half returns but is done so with such energy and confidence. It makes Could You Not easily one of the best Kiwi tracks this year.


Lorde Gets the Melodramatic Praise She Deserves

Our gal Lorde has just shot to number one on the US charts with her brilliant new album Melodrama. The album has reportedly sold 109, 000 units in its first week. And if you’re wondering why I just wrote ‘units’ instead of ‘albums’, well that’s because album streams are now officially counted – just to make everything a wee bit confusing.

Oh, and she also just knocked it out of the park at Glastonbury. What can’t she do?!


Modern Māori Quartet Give Away Some Freebies

The Modern Māori Quartet have release something beautiful, and it’s 100% for free! From their upcoming debut album That’s Us! to be released this September, two singles have been released entirely in te reo Māori.

Both tracks are totally beautiful. Māreikura, is the name of one of them and translates to mean a noble woman. The song itself is an ode to the powerful women all over. Kai Song meanwhile, the second single released from That’s Us! has a less serious tone and is a celebration of the greatest thing in life: food.

Download these immediately; they’re brilliant tunes and can help you brush up on your te reo.


The National – Guilt Party

On Guilt Party, The National let the music do the talking.

Usually ones for saying it all through frontman Matt Berninger’s woeful and sombre (always beautiful) voice, this time they’ve created an emotional picture through twitching guitar plucks and twisting synths.

If that’s not sad enough, wait until you check out the lyrics… “It’s nobody’s fault/no guilty party/we just got nothing.”



Northern Bass First Line-Up Announcement

The first announcement for Northern Bass is absolutely overflowing with talent. Some of the most exciting of the announced are kiwi golden boys Salmonella Dub, Tiki Taane and Shapeshifter, but there’s some unrivalled international acts in there too. Stormzy, who’s totally not a rude boi, will also be there in support of one of the best albums this year Gang Signs & Prayer.

Northern Bass is an R18 New Years music festival in the forever sunny region of Northland.


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