Welcome back to the Weekly Music Haul! It’s the first for 2017, and there’s plenty of music news to catch up on. It’s also been quite the summer, and the Mavericks have kept themselves busy by catching all the live music they can. Also, there’s finally some new music from Arcade Fire.


Laneway debuts at Albert Park

Headlined by Tame Impala, this edition of Laneway was the first in its new home at Albert Park. At TEARAWAY we’ve always maintained Laneway is the best of its kind, and this year we sent reporters to see if this is still the case. Click here to check out our review!


PJ Harvey kills it at Logan Campbell

British country girl gone grunge, then gone country again, delivered a fantastic performance last week in Auckland. Barely saying a word to the audience the whole night, the Rid of Me singer utilised her huge ten (or so)-piece band to provide a bold and lush sound. Without doubt, the star of the show was PJ Harvey’s voice. It translated magnificently live and soared high above the musical blend of saxophones and marching drums.


Sun at Silo

Silo Park in itself is a location lavished in sun, but throw in Don McGlashan and the venue is warmer than ever. Silo Sessions has run since December last year and has complimented bright, bearing days ever since. Though Laneway fits well in its new location at Albert Park, SJD and Nadia Reid’s wonderful performances had us yearning for the Silo Park days.


Arcade Fire – I Give You Power

Until now, Arcade Fire had a cosy little tradition of releasing an album every three years. But hey, it’s better late than never. And it’s even better when the band’s new song is a disjointed and nervous piece of electronica featuring Mavis Staples. Better yet, all the proceeds go to the American Civil Liberties Union.