The holiday-that-must-not-be-named is upon us. Fortunately TEARAWAY is here to provide you reprieve from all of the horrible jingles that were blasting at you in packed shops as you did your last minute shopping. That’s right, it’s the Christmas-free edition of the Music Haul!


Lauren Auder carves his name into my brain

Do you guys already know who this guy is? Have you all been holding out on me? I don’t know who this guy is. If you’re one of the 8,600 people that heard The Baptist before me and didn’t send it my way, shame on you. If you’re one of the 7,599,991,400 people that haven’t heard this song, you’re missing out. Expect piano, emotive strings, Jesus, some well-placed pop sensibilities, and jaw-droppingly beautiful production that glues an array of sounds and instruments that have no right to sound this good together.



Lorde lauds awards over normal New Zealanders

Lorde could well have more accolades to her name than every other Kiwi ever combined. Here’s a list of how she did during the infamous internet ‘list weeks’.


#2 on the Metacritic chart of aggregated lists (we meta now)

#1 NME Album of the Year

#1 NME Track of the Year (Green Light)

#1 Stereogum Album of the Year

#1 Consequence of Sound Album of the Year

#1 Guardian Track of the Year (Green Light)

#1 Uproxx Album of the Year

#1 Entertainment Weekly Best Albums of 2017

#1 Pretty Much Amazing Best Albums of 2017

#1 Cosmopolitan (US) Best Albums of 2017

#2 The Independent Album of the Year

#2 Rolling Stone Album of the Year

#2 Dork Album of the Year

#2 The Ringer Track of the Year (Supercut)

#2 PopMatters Best Albums of 2017

#2 NZ Herald Best Albums of 2017

#2 Baeble Music Top 30 Albums of 2017

#3 New York Daily News Album of the Year

#3 Billboard Best Albums of 2017

#3 High Snobiety 25 Best Albums of 2017

#3 People’s 10 Best Albums of 2017

#5 Time Magazine Album of the Year

#5 NPR 50 Best Albums of the Year

#5 Pitchfork 50 Best Albums of the Year


The Frank Burkitt Band announce Raconteur

This week I was intrigued by a press release from a Wellington band I had never heard of, who described their sound as influenced by jazz, blues, folk, swing, and all things American roots. This combined with the news of their upcoming album release in March got me quite excited to dig into a lead single. Unfortunately there isn’t one yet, but some digging on a little-known website named Youtube provided me with a live performance of the soon-to-be opening track, Work So Hard. Fortunately, my fifteen seconds of hard research was rewarded with some filthy, downtuned acoustic guitar accompanied by smooth double bass, banjo, and sultry vocal harmonies. Be excited.



Billie Eilish pairs up with Vince Staples for &burn

I came in excited to hear a new Vince Staples verse, and on that front was left a little disappointed with &burn. Thankfully the rest of the song’s understated nature vibed well with my Friday mindset, so I recommend throwing this on and vibing your way into the weekend.



Tour News

It’s been a sad week for tour news, as concert promoter David Cutbush, who worked for Life Is Noise, was accused of sexual misconduct. He has since been fired, and artists that he was promoting for New Zealand/Australia tours have consequently cancelled their shows. Artists included in this debacle include internationally renowned acts Chelsea Wolfe, Sleep, and Wolves In The Throne Room. Read Chelsea Wolfe’s strong, simple statement here.

This weeks Jam of the Week comes from Low Roar. If you’re into this track be sure to check out their 2014 album 0, the whole thing’s killer.



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