Kia ora and welcome to this week’s Haul. Here you’ll find exciting tour news and the ultimate collection of alternative-country from the likes of Kevin Morby and Miley Cyrus.


The XX are coming!

If moody, spacey and sometimes plain weird music sounds like the kind of thing you’d want to watch on a Thursday (January 11th, 2018) night, then this might be right up your alley.

Better yet: if moody, spacey and sometimes plain weird music sounds like the kind of thing you’d want to watch on a Thursday night AND you’re under 18, you can totally come along too. It’s an ALL-AGES show.

Even if that doesn’t sound like you, give it a go anyway. The XX are known for being pretty great. 

Tickets go on sale on sale next Friday.


Kevin Morby – Downtown Lights

Kevin Morby has just released as a single the final song off his latest album, City Music. Like Morby’s best, Downtown Lights is a slow-burner. One that uses paced percussion and tender vocals to keep the listener hanging onto every note.

The music video is fantastic too. It’s shot in Paris and almost literally tells the story of Morby’s attendance troubles in Europe a few years back. According to Morby, those particular troubles were relieved by Paris’ ecstatic support of his brand of alt-country.


Downtown Boys – Cost of Living

There are a few reasons why Downtown Boys are perhaps the strongest anti-Trump band around right now, and all of them are loud and live on the band’s second album, Cost of Living. The most obvious reason is the endless energy of the band. All fused into one big punch are: screaming vocals, charging drums and the sax cherry on the top. Then there’s the subject matter – while A Wall is a blatantly anti-Trump tune, many of the songs look at what caused Trump’s rise. The title says it all; people have been oppressed by a forceful capitalist system. 

It’s frontperson Victoria Ruiz though who really sets Downtown Boys apart. She sings, and yells, in Spanish. Who could possibly do a better job than her?


Miley Cyrus – Younger Now

It’s like watching an alternative reality of the 90’s where Billy Ray Cyrus was the most provocative icon of the decade and hung out all the time with The Flaming Lips. Cyrus has begun chasing a combination of her two worlds. Aesthetically, Cyrus is going after a country-vibe, yet to her absolute credit she demands that it doesn’t brush over the elephant in the room; the Bangerz years. Younger Now feels sincere and the unprecedented theatrics have gone and made way for moderation. As climb-backs from insanity go, you could do a hell of a lot worse.


Bad News of the Week: No Drake

As the Billboard Hot 100 (the US charts) report, for the first time since 2009 Drake has no music in the charts. That means between me starting high school and just this week, Drake was never not on the radio. I miss him already.


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