Bernie Sanders actually IS relatable (and cool)

Grizzly Bear is playing for him. Vampire Weekend did. Killer Mike’s on his side. He’s a decent human being. He doesn’t relate himself to Beyonce, nor does he assume that everyone loves her (they do, but that’s beside the point). Let’s just hope he wins New York. Bless up Bern. Bless up.


Car Seat Headrest – Fill in the Blank

Car Seat Headrest is a dumb name. I mean it is just the pits. That’s what makes it so damn good. Like KFC or tonsillitis – you’re sick, but no school, am I right? I consider him the pinnacle of lo-fi music. Dumb name, toasty warm fuzzed vocals, great melodies. Fill in the Blank is no exception. Just sit back, and enjoy the ride.


St Vincent directing a Horror Film

Annie Clark, AKA St Vincent, is all kinds of awesome. Her music is amazing, and more of that please and thank you. But this isn’t about her musical output, oh no. She has been named as the director of one chapter of the horror anthology, XX, which will be completely headed by women. She’ll be joined by Mary Harron (director of American Psycho), Karyn Kusama (The Invitation), Jennifer Chambers Lynch (who’s directed various TV series, including The Walking Dead, as well as the film Boxing Helena), Jovanka Vuckovic (The Captured Bird) and Sofia Carrillo (La Casa Triste). Feminist horror. Well, horror made by feminists. Unlike other online publications, we don’t need clickbait titles here. Anyway… keep an eye out, cos, ya know, it’s rad.


Avalanche City Little Fire video

Avalanche City sounds like cute baby animal soundtrack music. He really does. Now he’s done got someone to make a lil animal film for his song Little Fires – a really cute, catchy love song. I especially appreciate the folk drop two minutes in. Ahh, Chris Lane, you’ve done it again.


FKA Twigs and Oneohtrix Point Never collab?

These two are the epitome of good experimental electronic music; the accessible and more esoteric kind too. Rumour has it they are collaborating, so watch this space.


Troye Sivan

You ever wondered whose youth you own? Troye Sivan’s. His youth is yours. Due to overwhelming, ‘unprecedented’ demand, his youth will be yours for a second night in Auckland. July 31st. Auckland Town Hall. Tickets on sale now! Go! Be free.



The Cure Coming to NZ

July 21st is the illness. What’s the cure? The Cure… is the cure. Now ‘cure’ just sounds strange. Cure. Cure. Cure. They’re coming to New Zealand after 9 years of absence and they’re going to play a rockin’ and a rollin’ show. Robert Smith still looks the same, so I bet it’ll be just as sad as ever. Go to for all the details.


The Temper Trap in NZ

If you hadn’t been following The Temper Trap over recent years, you’d have thought that they had secured a full time job as suppliers of sad, dramatic end scene music for film and television. But they haven’t been doing just that! They have an album due and everything. Set to play a free, yes free, concert at the Powerstation on May 9, what is not to love about these guys? Cheers iHeartRadio.