Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary was the best place ever! I was invited to head along to this natural spectacle with one of my friends, not far from central Brisbane, and it was such an incredible experience.

I cuddled koalas, held a snake, and fed some kangaroos. I also saw a cassowary IRL which BLEW MY MIND!

Lone Pine is a charity and offers incredible experiences. Anyone who wants to cuddle a koala can do so, and they can get a photo as well.

We spent an entire day at the park, and had the best time meeting all the different animals. The birds were amazing and loved to follow us around and try to play.

There were so many koalas; we even got to hold one. The little babies were adorable and you can get so close to them! Everywhere you go in the sanctuary there is something different and exciting, and the staff will educate you on the animals and their ecosystem.

They had a platypusary, and naturally that made me so happy. I spent a lot of time there, watching the platypus swim around in circles, and watched them play with little lobster things too.

It was really cool to see so many of the animals roaming around as well. They had a massive free range enclosure for a lot of the native flightless birds and kangaroos, and we saw two staff members walking some dingoes around.

Something that really sets Lone Pine apart from other places, is that their staff are also incredible. Every single member is full of endless knowledge, passion, and kindness. We spent time with a few different members during our various animal encounters and trips around the place, all of them treated us so nicely and we came away desperate to go back again.

Lone Pine is worth a visit. They’re not expensive, and you get an amazing experience that nowhere else can offer.


708 Jesmond Road

Fig Tree Pocket, QLD
Open: 9am-5pm every day.
Call: (07) 3378 1366.