You know when you’re typing a message and you accidentally hit ‘Caps Lock’ and the entire message is capitalised, but you have already typed it so you just hit send and hope that the receiver of your message doesn’t take your capitalisation as anger or yelling?

It’s happened to a few of you, I’m sure… Hopefully. The reason I bring it up is because that happened to me, today actually, just before I started writing this. I capitalised an entire message, the person I was talking to, the mint human that he is, replied also in full Caps and said:


He was correct, my capitalisation does communicate my Zeal, but that got me thinking because every time someone says Zeal there’s one thing I think of… That is Zeal West!

If you have not heard of Zeal, it’s a New Zealand based organisation that describes itself as the “Home of Young Creatives.”

Zeal aims to help young people pursue their passions, and make sure that they are given access to outlets which provide them with practical ways to make their dreams happen.

However, to keep this epic mission going the lads and lasses over at Zeal need you to open up a new tab, after you finish reading this of course, and click a button for ’em.

Seriously. It’s that easy.

Zeal has been selected to be a part of The Trusts to take part in their Million Dollar Mission (cue cinematic music).

The Trusts’ Million Dollar Mission is something that encourages community youth work – every time you click the ‘Vote’ button on their website (

Zeal receives $5.00 per vote to go toward the work they do – this is described by Matt Grey (Zeal’s General Manager) in the following quote: “The heart of our Street Youth Work programme is to reach those that are the most vulnerable.”

Zeal wants to give these people a home and harness their ability to be creative – as young people ourselves, we need to recognise the importance of this. Our actions are what will see these important works continue.

If you still don’t want to click the button and ‘Vote’ for Zeal, here are a few reasons you should; these are the icing on the cake to my stellar pitch.

  1. You should click ‘Vote’ because it’s better than to click bait.
  2. Community action makes you feel good and gives you warm fuzzies and virtual hugs from the Zeal team (and me because I will love you if you do this too!)
  3. It’ll make Jared really happy and Jared’s a good lad. He is the guy in the video above, he does all the social media stuff for Zeal and he’s an awesome human.
  4. Art matters. Creativity matters. Everyone should have access to those things. Period.

If you need even more convincing, check out this recent article on


Get clicking ladies and gentlemen, it’s way easier to get done than the Calc homework you just now conquered.