Hey everyone,

Recently I was approached by a sassy lady by the name of Mila Barach from Inzpire Dance Company. She gave me the amazing opportunity to present my fashion designs as part of a local dance and arts show. I immediately said YES I would love to be involved, made the commitment and we started to talk details.

I went to bed that night and lay awake wondering how on earth, at 15, I was going to pull off the ten-model professional runway presentation that I promised Mila that I could deliver. As I started to mentally list all the things I had to consider, I realised the massive task that lay ahead.

Looking back, I can see that an INSANE amount of time and energy goes into putting together a 3-minute 56-second routine. It was timed down to the last second, with me nervously holding a stopwatch in the wings. But somehow, I did it.

I held a model casting in our retro-styled lounge at home, organised a hair and makeup team for ten models, got my music cut and scheduled a rehearsal venue. I embarrassingly attempted to walk like a supermodel up and down inside the art gallery where the event was going to be held, so that I could work out the exact timing.

And there were more details popping up daily that needed my attention in the lead-up to opening night. This was all on top of trying to sew garments for ten models to wear.

But, I am proud to say that I did it, and it was a roaring success. I cannot thank Mila enough for believing in me, right from the start. My models were amazingly sassy and I am proud to say they are now all “Zoë Beck – DESIGNER” models and I hope they will all consider walking for me again.

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Zoë has won many regional and national awards for her designs, and is the youngest designer to ever be asked to show a collection at NZ Eco Fashion Week in Wellington. Her designs have also appeared on TV3, in Cleo, Indulge and several other magazines and blogs.

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Images: Runway pics by Lau Chong Jin