Stine-Lise Budge (aka Stiney) is a 21-year-old from Alexandra, Central Otago. She's studying at the University of Canterbury, where she is in her fourth year of a conjoint Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce degree, majoring in Economics and Finance.

I really enjoy the mix I get doing Law and Commerce, especially with my majors being Economics and Finance. Looking at each area separately, I’ve got my words and I’ve got my numbers - they balance each other out quite well. However, I really enjoy the combination of them both; learning about economic and financial principles, and their application to legal situations.

I was incredibly fortunate to receive a Business and Economics scholarship and an Emerging Leaders scholarship in my first year. The Business and Economics scholarship was a huge financial help over my first three years (the duration of the scholarship). Emerging Leaders enabled meet to some great people from different halls and courses of study before we actually started lectures and got into university life. 

While I’ve been studying I’ve been involved with the College House Students’ Association (CHSA) and in the Student Wellbeing Advisory Group. Being Treasurer for the CHSA in 2014 was a great personal experience for me. Managing the budget was an aspect that I really enjoyed because, in a way, it simulated the operational side of a business, which is something that interests me. Getting an insight into how Boards of Directors operate was very useful as well. Overall is was a very rewarding role. 

I’m new to the Student Wellbeing Advisory Group (SWAG) this year, and I am really enjoying working with such a diverse range of people. As the name suggests, we consider different aspects of student wellbeing, inclusivity, diversity and representation on campus. I am one of the representatives for students with disabilities, however we all work towards a common objective, which for this year is mental health and wellbeing. It’s completely different to anything that I have been involved in before so I am learning a lot and taking it all in.

I also serve as CEO of the Investment Society, which is, again, a role in which I am learning a lot, and gaining immensely valuable experience.

The Investment Society is about educating students on how to begin investing and what role investing can play in their lives and financial futures. It’s also about providing students with tangible skills which will help them in the workforce, and providing networking opportunities with other students and business leaders.

We have an incredible executive on board this year - all from different faculties, which really reflects our accessibility to all students. We are a young club (founded in 2014), so the CEO role is still very much being shaped and adapted as the club continues to grow. I was a General Executive in 2015, so I already had an insight into what makes the club tick.

I work very closely with our COO, Michael Jolly, to oversee the operations and activities of the Society. I chair executive meetings and liaise with guest speakers, sponsors, judges and other interested parties for various events or competitions. Each person on the exec has varied investment experience so it’s nice to always have someone to bounce ideas off.

Quickfire Questions!

The best thing about my course is...

I’m challenged everyday regardless of what paper I am doing; I’m constantly made to. Plus I can tailor both degrees to cover my broad interests in each course.


The hardest part is...

Making sure one degree does not take over the other - keeping the balance is key!


I like studying here because...

The opportunities that present themselves to you at Canterbury are, in my opinion, unrivalled. There is something for everyone here, and the student culture is infectious! Not to mention the campus is beautiful - each season is so clearly defined.


Skills I'm learning include...

Legal research, essay writing, computer programming, data analysis


You would love this course if you are...

A problem solver at heart, and like to be able to apply what you are studying to everyday life, or see examples of it on a global level.


A typical day includes....

A typical day for me would start with a run or heading to the gym. Then to uni either for lectures, club meetings or to study. On some days I’ll play social sport, but everyday includes at least one coffee break!


My study hours are... I work my best in the afternoon and evening, so I try to do my exercise and admin in the earlier hours, then crank into study mid-morning and in between lectures, and tie everything up at the end of the day.


Before studying here I was... completing my International Baccalaureate Diploma at St Margaret’s College, Christchurch.


In five years I think I'll... Yet to decide. My course gives me such a breadth of options for future careers. Ideally I would choose a career path where I can combine both my Law and Commerce degrees. Either way I definitely aim to make a dent in my ever-growing travel bucket list.


The craziest thing that's happened to me so far studying was... helping out backstage at Law Revue - by far one of the craziest and funniest shows and experiences I’ve had!


If you'd like to study in this field, my advice is... keep both your written and numerical skills strong. You call on both every day. Make sure you do what you enjoy - you will find your studies more fulfilling and most likely more successful.


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