Trinity College London offers internationally recognised qualifications for students and teachers of the performing arts. Trinity’s syllabuses provide a structured framework designed to encourage the progressive development of students from beginners through to advanced level.

Our philosophy

The candidate is at the heart of our focus. That’s why we offer insightful assessments for everyone, from beginners right up to diplomas for the most advanced candidates.

In New Zealand, each year we examine thousands of candidates in three subject areas: Rock & Pop, Music, and Drama & Performance.

Rock & Pop 2018: the exam that puts performance first

Trinity offers Rock & Pop exams for Bass, Drums, Guitar, Keyboards and Vocals, providing an opportunity for rock and pop musicians to gain accredited qualifications through performing carefully chosen and arranged songs across the rock and pop genres.

Available from Initial to Grade 8, the exam books are supported by additional online resources include song downloads, transpositions and more songs.


Trinity’s graded and certificate exams span a wide range of instruments and singing. The exams offer the choice and flexibility to allow candidates to play to their strengths, enabling them to gain recognition for their own unique skills as performers, and the option to include an own composition means candidates can bring their NCEA composition to the exam room.

Trinity’s diploma qualifications are for those who want to progress their mastery to a higher level in the areas of performance, teaching, theory or composition.

Drama & Performance

Grade and certificate exams can be taken by individuals, pairs or groups. Study strands include Speech and Drama, Individual Acting Skills, Group Performance, Communication Skills, Musical Theatre and Performance Arts.

Diploma qualifications for advanced candidates are offered in Performance, Teaching and Applied Drama.
Candidates enjoy an entirely free choice of repertoire in all examinations, and are encouraged to explore the literature and drama of their own culture.

Trinity’s qualifications are recognised by a number of qualifications authorities worldwide and benchmarked by the Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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