ERICA McQUEEN on the best Kiwi vids of the past year.

#10. Lorde - Yellow Flicker Beat

There’s no denying Lorde is a raging success. Though I personally don’t like this music video, I feel it’d be a crime against popular opinion or something not to include it.


#9. Tom Lark - Something To Tell You

Everything Tom touches seems to turn out a little quirky and this is no exception. A saxaphone player in red overalls, awful choreographed dance moves and some sort of machine that turns humans to plastic, this video is full of oddities. An interesting watch!


#8. Thomston - Anesthetic

Thomston is definitely one to watch in the NZ music scene. Still a teenager, he rose to fame after posting a few songs on Soundcloud - sound familiar? This eerie video of him drowning isn’t the most enjoyable watch, but is beautiful all the same.

#7. Ruby Frost - Comeback Queen

First, can we talk about how great Ruby’s makeup is? I’m glad to see the bubblegum pink hair gone. The first thing to notice is the almost square shot, far from the trend towards widescreen. Swedish teens rampage through streets. Daylight robbery, fire, blood - this has it all.


#6. Broods - Mother & Father

Broods have released five music videos this year (two for Bridges); just a small part of the epic year they’ve had. This one is my favourite because I have a soft spot for black and white. The lighting is on point. I love the moments where the visuals are in time with the infectious beat. It’s beautiful in its simplicity. 


#5. Brooke Fraser - Kings & Queens

After a four year hiatus of sorts, Brooke Fraser stormed back into the music scene with her fourth album Brutal Romantic. She looks stunning in jeans and a customised leather jacket, spinning on a rooftop. She’s not the only one with a recent music video featuring solo dancers (Good Man, Don’t), but there’s a definite air of intrigue, with the dancers disappearing through objects.

#4. Great North - Up In Smoke

I must ashamedly admit that I saw this for the first time while putting together this list. Wow. Here’s an emotional one. Packed full of beautiful shots.


#3. Benny Tipene - Make You Mine

Benny released four music videos this year, this being his first. I love the dual shots, intentional poor quality and feelings of nostalgia and wonderlust it evokes.


#2. Late Night Poets - My Darling

I don’t normally like music videos that are just of the band playing the song. But here we have just that, done well. I love the interspersed clips of smashing flowers. And for a first video, it’s lovely to see the faces behind this stellar track. They’re a good looking bunch!


 #1 Alexander Wildwood - Bad Blood

The most delightfully odd video, I can’t make sense of what’s going on. Still, it’s one of my favourites. It oozes creativity and did I mention I love black and white? He's also done a stunning video (in black and white too) of a live acoustic version. 

Bonus video: The Soorleys - Home

They’re our closest cousins, so I couldn’t help but include this lovely video from across the ditch. My favourite Australians go on a little adventure in the hippest Ford you ever did see, instruments in tow.