How’s American Life? What influenced you guys to shift over there?

American life is crazy! it’s been six months and I’m still not used to it! Everything is different over here: the food, the cars, the people, but so far we are loving it. We were offered a record deal so we weighed up our options at the time and America seemed like the perfect move for us and we would be silly not to take such an amazing opportunity to take our music international.


Come On Home was your first debut single; is a trip back home on the cards in the near future and can we expect a possible tour?

Some of us are flying home for Christmas, but no shows on the cards, as we will all be spending time with our friends and family.


Do you have any unusual or quirky fan encounters that surprised Titanium as a group?

Our fans are amazing and always keep us on our toes with all kinds of surprises, far too many to name!


What are the triggers or inspiration for your music? Where do your ideas come from?

As a collective we all draw… inspirations from other artists who are making a positive impact on the world of music. We have been blessed to work with some of the best writers and producers and of course there are five of us, which makes it a lot easier to write a song.


What are the sacrifices you have to make that we may not be aware of?

We have made countless sacrifices to be where we are today. We are doing this on our own and have been for a long time! But I guess we all motivate and inspire each other to keep pushing to make Titanium the biggest and best band it can be. You have to stay mentally fit! But I can say it has all been worth it.


What do you miss most about New Zealand?

We miss out friends, our families and of course our amazing fans! Old ones and new ones!


What advice would you give to those students who will be returning to school or university in the coming year?

Take every opportunity that comes your way and always remember to have fun!


Do you still get nervous when you preform and how do you control your nerves?

Nerves are natural. They remind you of who you are and bring you back down to earth.


Summarise your fellow band members in one sentence.

Passionate, hard-working, funny and just the coolest guys to be travelling the world with creating magic and making lifetime memories. Couldn’t ask for a better band!

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