2016 saw The Outlook for Someday celebrate its 10th anniversary. Run by Connected Media since 2007, the Someday Challenge is an initiative targeted at young New Zealanders to make change through film, with the theme being sustainability. That can mean whatever you like. Whether you’re looking at the term ‘sustainability’ through an environmental, social, economical or cultural lens, the aim is to give young people a voice and a platform where their ideas can shine and inspire others.

I remember my first entry for The Outlook for Someday in 2014. It was a simple, black-and-white film about how love and respect for others will create stronger communities and a better world. My 2015 entry was an anti-bullying campaign where a stand-out line was: “Don’t stand by. Stand up.”  This year, however, I changed course completely.

My short film Encore highlighted the importance of music education, and it was selected as a winning film for 2016! As I said in my acceptance speech at the Someday Awards ceremony, “I feel that through the development of music education in schools, we can all be elevated to a new level of creative expression and critical thinking.”

Screenshot from 'Encore' by Faga Tuigamala.

Screenshot from ‘Encore’ by Faga Tuigamala. From

That night, I saw my fellow winning filmmakers also promote and reinforce the messages in their short films. There was an array of interpretations of sustainability – social inclusion, caring for the environment, being less attached to technology, happy communities, fighting poverty, understanding mental health, celebrating diversity, you name it!

The Someday Challenge itself was a celebration of diversity! With 13 out of the 20 winning filmmakers being female and a handful being Māori, Polynesian and Asian, it proved that the future of the New Zealand film industry is going to be very different and a lot more diverse than it is today. You can call them winning filmmakers, but they are also daring dreamers, pioneers and future leaders.

The 10th anniversary of The Outlook for Someday competition emphasises how film is bringing about change in so many ways. As someone who has been involved with this competition three years in a row, I can tell you it is very rewarding, even the years I wasn’t selected as a winner. You learn more about the world around you, hone your directing, producing and editing skills and relish in the sense of pride and accomplishment you feel when you complete your short film.

If you want to inspire through film, then why not get involved in the Someday Challenge next year? Entries close September 8th 2017. Workshops to educate you about sustainability and filmmaking will take place all around the country, throughout the year. More information will be posted on their website – and right here on TEARAWAY – closer to the time.

TEARAWAY also sponsors an award in The Outlook for Someday – the TEARAWAY Award for Secondary School Performance. Stay tuned for an interview with this year’s winner, plus one with the Stand-Out winner of the film challenge.


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FAGA TUIGAMALA,  simply known as ‘Fang’, is a short-sighted music nerd who laughs too much. Keep up with the eccentric pianist on Instagram: @fangtuigamala