The United States presidential election is only a few days away now. Every election there has been billed as such, but it seems that this one is truly the most historic of them all. The response by the music community in particular has been enormous – endorsements have been made, and powerful songs have been written.

But 2016 hasn’t been the only time when musicians rose to the challenge! Here are five examples of musicians speaking out and making an impact in a presidential election.

Green Day lash out at the American Idiot

The presidency of George W. Bush was often met with protest. None was more pronounced than Green Day’s American Idiot. Released during the 2004 election year, the album criticised elements of Bush’s presidency such as the Iraq War. The band also strongly threw their support behind Democratic challenger John Kerry.

The National support Obama and are threatened with death

As Barack Obama sought to win re-election in 2012, he was supported by indie slow-burners The National. Frontman Matt Berninger would say that he did it for his daughter:

“The idea that old, white men are going to tell my daughter who she can and cannot marry makes me very, very angry.”

For their troubles, the band were met with death threats. For bands, going political is not always in their best interests.

Meatloaf will do anything for love… including serenading Mitt Romney

In 2012 as Mitt Romney hoped to become President of the United States, he received the backing of several musicians. Among them was Meatloaf, whose voice had seen better days. While some musicians can impact in a strong meaningful way, Meatloaf had the opposite effect, sending the world into hysterical fits of laughter. Perhaps related, Mitt Romney was not elected President in 2012.