As promised, Mandy brings us Lana Del Rey – with an entire haul dedicated to the Queen of Cool. She dropped an epic new album last week. It’s a beautifully crafted masterpiece that will TEAR YOU APART. Aw man, it’s actually hard to put into words how many vibes this album has – so please do yourself a solid and listen.

Quick Facts

Age: 30
Birth name: Lizzy Grant
Before LDR: She released an album as May Jailer
Interesting fact: It was only last year that Lana Del Rey released her third studio album Ultraviolence


LDR’s new album is a musical Honeymoon that I encourage everyone to take a listen to. Her songs are haunting and perfectly unique to her own sound. That’s one of the beautiful things about the Queen of Cool – she hasn’t changed her sound even though she is considered to be, by many people, a mainstream artist. This album is just as Lana Del Ray as always.

The girl in the songs is still looking for forbidden love that she can’t quite seem to find. Art Deco is an example of this. LDR makes me pine for the protagonist to find love – if it’s a progression of her last album then it’s about time OR if it’s an extension of herself then her beaten heart deserves a break.

God Knows I Tried – So many feels. I fell in love with this song at exactly 0:53 after the line “put on that Hotel California dance around like I’m insane.” It’s here that you think the song is about to take an unexpected turn but then it comes back to the same vibe as before the line. It’s confusing and really makes you want to keep listening. If you long for a song that speaks right to your soul – then this is for you.

Religion – It kind of seems like there is an overriding theme going on. But there really isn’t. This song is actually about someone being someone else’s religion. Which does follow the theme of LDR’s music and her intense love stories. Religion is no exception.

The Blackest Day – This might be the most Lana Del Ray song on the album. She’s got her blue nail polish on and everything. Something about the chorus of this song reminds me of the mermaids in Pirates of the Caribbean…(random I know). It’s got a slow melody that builds into the chorus where your heart is literally ripped out as LDR declares “ever since my baby went away it’s been the blackest day.”

I’m head over heels for this album. It’s absolutely beautiful. All hail Queen Lana!

You can listen to the entire album on Spotify, download on iTunes, and of course buy a hard copy. Being a lover of the classics LDR has also released a vinyl record.