Lisa Crawley’s Up In The Air hits the digital shelves

Open your ears, people, there’s another talented Kiwi roaming about. Well, Kiwi-born anyhow. Lisa Crawley’s new EP is now available to stream/download on her Bandcamp. The EP itself is a subtle affair that dabbles in slight twists to Crawley’s pop sensibilities. The opening track, Up In The Air sums this point up with its mixture of traditional instrumentation, wobbly bass effects in the verses, and a massive sounding, reverb-soaked snare with a fat helping of delay in the chorus. It’s rather mesmerizing.

Intronaut unveil another new track

It was clear upon the release of Fast Worms that Intronaut’s upcoming album The Direction Of Last Things is looking to be a ripper. The song saw the return of harsh vocals- which were utilised for all of about three seconds on their last full-length album, much to the horror of irrational metal purists across the interwebs. It also introduced us to Intronaut’s cleanest sounding recording to date, thanks to the master Devin Townsend doing the honour of mixing for the lads. The new track, Digital Gerrymeandering has more shades of Habitual Levitations than the last one, and serves as a reminder that Danny Walker is an absolute beast behind the kit.

Patrick James’ releases new album, Outlier

It wasn’t so long ago that Patrick James was described as an “on-again-off-again busker,” but after finding a bunch of fans and releasing two EPs, he’s finally come out with his first full-length album, Outlier. In the video opposite, James and his band play a song from the album in the studio where it was all recorded. Take a gander at the album on iTunes here.

A double hit of instrumental metal news

Pomegranate Tiger (yes, that’s a band name) laid a new single on us from their upcoming album Boundless, and it’s typically bristling with virtuosity. This will no doubt please fans of artists such as Scale The Summit and Animals As Leaders.

In similar news, prolific solo artist Ben Sharp has announced that a new Cloudkicker album will be available for download soon on his Facebook page. Let’s not forget that in true Ben Sharp fashion, it will most likely be available for free on his Bandcamp, along with everything else he’s ever released under this moniker.

Death Grips announce yet another album

For a band that toys with the idea of breaking up every second week, Death Grips sure do knuckle down and crank out new material often. I wouldn’t be surprised if their new album, supposedly titled Bottomless Pit, was released tomorrow. I also wouldn’t be surprised if was never released. Hopefully vocalist Stefan Burnett is still in the mix, as there are some rumours that he may have left the band. Honestly though, who knows what’s happening here. All there is to do is wait for them to suddenly release it through a Facebook status.

Jack Garratt announces details of his debut album

Jack Garratt’s album Phase is set to be released on 19th February 2016. As a multi-instrumentalist and producer, the hugely talented Garratt has been selling out shows left, right and center on his ascension to fame. In conjunction with the album’s announcement, Jack has unleashed the new single Breathe Life along with a music video that looks like it may have been a cold shoot. Check his performance of another track from the new album, Weathered, opposite for a taste of what he’s like stripped down. The fuzz that he teases out of that Orange amp is tasty.