Taylor Swift does some things right and some things wrong

While other media outlets are racing to make the best Bad Blood puns they possibly can in order to rile the good people of our country up about some birds they’ve never heard of before (I’ll leave DOC to sort that fiasco out), this particular media outlet would simply like to inform you that the songstress herself interviewed Alessia Cara, a wee Canadian lass who makes music. The kicker here is that ol’ T-Swizzle is actually a fan of Cara’s, and asks her some in-depth questions about her album Know-It-All. And not a single dotterel was harmed in the process.

Tour News

First off, we have some good news for frugal Aucklanders. Avalanche City will be playing a free gig at the Tuning Fork on December 9. There is a catch, however, which is no real surprise. iHeartRadio and 2degrees customers appear to have exclusive access to this gig of gigs, and tickets are to be fought for by way of online competition. Here is the entry link for iHeartRadio customers and here is the equivalent for the 2degrees inclined entrant.

Provocative rapper Le1f has announced that he will play a one-off show on January 16 at Neck of the Woods in Auckland. This will undoubtedly be a one-of-a-kind show from an artist on the rise, so grab some tickets from here if you’re game.

In other Auckland-exclusive touring news, we have tickets available for Leon Bridges on January 9 and Sleater-Kinney on 29 February, and the annoucement of Killswitch Engage as the openers for Disturbed’s January show.

We’ve also had some exciting developments in March’s WOMAD line up. Rap trio De La Soul, jazz/house heavyweight St. Germain, 숨- a Korean duo, and Asha Bhosle have all joined the musical cast. Here’s an eight-minute reason as to why St. Germain should be on your ‘go and see’ list.

Belated Bowie

Sure, this is last Friday’s news, but it just so happened that David Bowie decided to slight me and release a ten-minute gem of a spacey, jazzy, experimental track with a crazy video just hours after I had finished up last week’s Haul. The album, ★ (pronounced Blackstar), of which this single is the title track, is due for a nice close release of January 8, 2016.

Foo Fighters drop new EP

If Foo Fighters by numbers is just fine by you, then it would do you well to pick up (for free!) Saint Cecilia EP from here, because that’s exactly what you’re in for.

Elcee debut EP arrives

Auckland singer-songwriter Elcee releases Heart Over Mind today for all you proud Kiwi folk to soak in over the weekend. She’s also celebrating the release by performing the EP in full at Galatos Basement tomorrow, so have a lesson and start making plans already. Check out her Soundcloud for the tunes.

Yndi Halda perform miracle, actually release some material

Forgive the snarky title, as I’m a firm believer in the old adage ‘the artist owes you nothing.’ Especially considering that the ol’ trickle down economy holds even less meaning when it comes to the music industry. Regardless, for those post rock lovers who have been spinning Enjoy Eternal Bliss since 2007, the gap between here and there now looks something like a canyon. Hence much excitement surrounds the first snippet we’ve been gifted from their upcoming album Under Summer. It’s worth digging through their Soundcloud, as it contains their stunning first album alongside the new preview.