Tour news

Ben Harper is looking to grace our fair country’s shores in late February. Him and his paradoxically Innocent Criminals shall be hitting Wellington on the 24th February, Auckland on the 26th February, Napier on the 27th February, and Christchurch on the 29th February. If you want to jump on those earlybird tickets, check out from 2pm onwards today.

High On Fire have announced a show on the 23rd February at the King’s Arm in Auckland. If you’re a metalhead looking to get your ruckus on, opportunities don’t get much better than this. I think one employee over at Revolver hit the nail on the head when he said that they “sound like a Lovecraftian summoning ritual broken up by a monster truck driving through the wall of the temple.” If you’re 18+, do yourself a favour and grab some tickets from here.

N.W.A’s DJ/producer DJ Yella is lighting Kiwiland up on 19th November in Wellington, 20th November in Christchurch, and 21st November in Auckland. Be sure you don’t let this piece of hip-hop history pass you by and grab some tickets at

Thundercat pays tribute to France

Thundercat teamed up with producer Mono/Poly to release a succinct instrumental paying tribute to those who lost their lives in France. Let the music speak for itself.

Puscifer release new video

Puscifer have bestowed upon us a video for what is quite easily the most lyrically upfront song Maynard James Keenan has ever performed in, The Remedy. Although lines like “Yes, we’re being condescending. Yes, that means we’re talking down to you,” seem like sincere statements coming from Maynard’s mouth, they don’t strike me as particularly interesting. Fortunately, his and Carina Round’s paired vocal performances are akin to honey being poured into your earholes; even if you’re being insulted.

Adele’s 25 drops today

That’s right, peeps. As you watch the sun climb its way from one horizon to the other today, you can rest assured that as you watch the last of its rays subside, 11 new Adele tracks shall be making many a sonic vibration in locales all around the globe. The album’s first single, Hello, is filled with her usual sombre piano and distinct, strong voice, and already has 411,000,000 plays on YouTube as I write. Feel free to increase that number, and maybe even cop the Compact Disk down at your local Warehouse if you’re feelin’ it.

Baroness reveal another track

Although new song, Shock Me, doesn’t quite have the triumphant gusto of the previously released track, Chlorine & Wine, it does go out of its way to prove that it’s always worthwhile sticking with a Baroness song until you hear a dual guitar solo.

Cymbol 303’s Only You premieres

Isn’t it swell when Kiwis make waves? Ignoring that shocking pun, Auckland producer Cymbol 303 has managed to nab an international record deal and had his first ever solo track premiered over on global music blog Indie Shuffle. The song is a colourful wee number, and earns the esteemed honour of being this week’s Friday Jam. Get at it.