Phife Dawg

The world has lost a great MC who died far too young. At just 45, Phife Dawg (Malik I. Taylor) of A Tribe Called Quest, has passed away due to complications resulting from diabetes. Artists like Phife Dawg are embedded in hip-hop lore; they’re the inspirations for many an MC today. Rest in peace.


Wanna discover good music? Concert Lineups.

Lollapalooza have just released their 2016 full lineup and it is boom crackin. I don’t know what that figure of speech means, but that’s what it is. Headlining the fest is Radi ohead, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, LCD Soundsystem, J. Cole, and Lana Del Rey. But that’s just headlining. We’ve then got everyone from Chairlift to Wavves, Vince Staples to Mr Carmack. Madness, just madness. Find a random name and search ‘em up; you’re not not likely to be disappointed.


Baauer brings the bass

Aa, is the newest album from internet producer phenomenon Baauer, Harlem Shake ring a bell? The album features about a 50/50 mix of features – including Future, Pusha T, Rustie and others – along with straight-up Baauer beats. A good introduction is the track Temple that sees M.I.A and G-Dragon jump on to some very Eastern sounding (sorry to the anthropologists out there for my highly insensitive generalisations) highly energetic production.

The Eastern (sorry) sound is noticeably proliferating and luckily Temple is leagues ahead of the likes of Majorlazer or Alunageorge in terms of innovation. Previewed at the Alexander Wang fw16 show, you know this is that kind of track and by extension, this is that kind of album. I find the record goes really well with aggressive, stress-relieving calisthenics. Listen to Temple below.


Common and Talib Kweli in NZ

Hip-hop legend Common is headlining a show in Wellington only, on May 11th. Talib Kweli, equally legendary, will accompany him for the experience. It’ll be lit. To quote Rae Sremmurd, it’ll be lit like bic. Tickets go on sale from 31st of March.



WILCO produced one of the OG hipster albums, Yankee Foxtrot Hotel. And I’ll admit, it is a fave. Star Wars and Summerteeth are also among my higher rated albums. Well, it is my privilege to announce that TWEEDY – made up of Jeff Tweedy and 18-year-old drummer son Spencer and band – are coming to, well, not rock, but jam out a great show at the Powerstation Easter Sunday. Tickets aren’t on sale anymore. So this is pointless. Also, it’s not even the whole of Wilco. But, Wilco songs will be played and we all deserve to internalise Jeff Tweedy’s (and his son’s) quality musicianship and bask in the mere knowledge that their sound will play out on our hallowed shores.  Chur.

Watch them say things about things:


Watch them play some good tunes live:


PJ Harvey is coming back

Let England Shake was 2011. That’s five years ago people. Cinco. Cinq. Fünf. Rima. Five!!! That was a great album too. And I’ve dearly wanted more for years. Years I tell you. The time is finally nigh. April 15th will see the release of The Hope Six Demolition Project including the track The Community of Hope which has just been released with a music video directed by award-winner Seamus Murphy. I’ll be honest, it’s not the most interesting song. It feels a bit conceited, a bit self-serving, but I have hopes. Listen to it and tell me I’m wrong.