Like A Storm won’t stop showing off

Kiwi act Like A Storm have upped and decided that breaking a record two times isn’t enough. For the third time, the angst-fuelled hard rockers have laid claim to the highest charting New Zealand made rock song in American radio history. This time, their single Become The Enemy is sitting at a whopping number eleven on the US rock charts. This unprecedented success for a Kiwi rock band scares me very deeply. Hopefully they’re not meddling in any dark arts in order to attain these dizzying heights. For real though, good effort, lads.

Pink Floyd want some more money

Pink Floyd’s 1973 album Dark Side Of The Moon probably still sells as many units a week as many artists wish they could sell in a year. Unfortunately for them, a formidable, mysterious entity named ‘copyright law’ is beginning to threaten the financial security that their previous success grants them. The prog icons are skirting around a law that states that any recordings that are not released officially will become public property 50 years after said recording. This arbitrarily chosen length of time has now caught up to the first lot of songs the band ever recorded. In response to this bureaucratic nightmare, Pink Floyd pressed 1,000 vinyl copies of this material into something of a new-old EP so that nobody would “take a slice of [their] pie.” Cheeky bloody legends they are.

Tour news

It was announced last Friday that Kurt Vile would play a headline show at Auckland’s St. James Theatre on 12 January. This is the only show on his tour of New Zealand in which he will be playing with his band, The Violators. On top of that, his solo shows in Wellington and Dunedin are already sold out, so the Queenstown gig is your other last chance. Grab tickets for the Auckland gig here, or for the solo show in Queenstown here.

There have been some line-up changes for February’s Laneway festival, with Tobias Jesso Jr. unfortunately having to pull out of the show. On the upside, Courtney Barnett has been thrown into the mix, which isn’t a bad compromise. Check her out and snatch those tickets up.

Kiwi legends Unknown Mortal Orchestra are mere days away from rolling through Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and Dunedin. Get amongst it before tickets are no longer within your grasp.

If you haven’t listened to Nadia Reid yet, get on it. Nadia’s received critical acclaim both on our shores and overseas, and for good reason; the singer-songwriter has some mad skills. Luckily for you, she’s announced a summer tour following her appearance at Laneway in February. Catch her flexing her musical muscles across eight venues in both North and South in early March.

Release news

Wellington hip-hop crew The No Problemos dropped their new album Staring At The Truth (as a pay-what-you-want release) on Wednesday. The album shows improvement in every facet, with each member’s input becoming more distinctive than on previous releases. There are some massive verses tucked away on this release and some mature topics dealt with, plus some mad Pokemon references to boot. Cop it on their Bandcamp and turn it up as loud as your system can go.

More Kiwi talent you say? Aight then. Lontalius is here to fill that fern-shaped hole in your soul with his new track, Kick In The Head. It’s lush stuff and beautifully produced, and enough to get excited for his slated 2016 album release.

Jam of the Week

Caspian have turned in an astounding studio performance of their song Rioseco. The song is very strong in its dynamics, slowly transitioning from soft and gorgeous to a lumbering monster of a track and back again. Soak it in and kick back for the weekend. You’ve earned it. Well, you might not have, but you’ve got it regardless.