University has started, I went to two concerts and had my first experience at the infamous Bin Bin Deluxe last night… but you don’t care about my life – here’s The Weekly Music Haul!


All Time Low x TEARAWAY

We sent Maverick Elliot Dawson to interview All Time Low on Tuesday, and the video of that meeting will be online very soon, so keep a look out.


Courtney Barnett – Depreston

My favourite Aussie rocker has released another track from her debut album. This one is a bit more chill than Pedestrian At Best, but still badass and amazing nonetheless.

Her album Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit is out later this month.


Marina and The Diamonds – All the news, all at once

She’s released a new song (which is great), a new video for that song (also great) and has pushed forwards the release of FROOT to March 13 (THIS IS REALLY GREAT).

Next Friday I will be supplying you with a link to buy the exciting new album from Marina, and I will be dancing through the house for a solid month or so after.

For now, let’s all jam out to Forget together.


Clap Clap Riot – Anybody EP

Because Kiwi musicians are the best, Clap Clap Riot have released a free (!!!) EP of B-sides. It’s on Soundcloud now, get at it.


That time I hung in a Buffalo Stance with Neneh Cherry

I saw Neneh Cherry on Wednesday night. It was in the Spiegeltent, and it was awesome. I want to be like her when I am 50. Here’s a review, and here’s a video of her performing Blank Project on Jools Holland last year.


That’s it for this week, now for some #DeepMusicHaulThoughts:

Neneh Cherry spoke about the fact that women in the music industry have a “sell by date”, and how she would not let anyone or any society dictate what she did with her life. I thought that was really cool, and am really intrigued to see if the big pop stars of today will be releasing music in thirty years time and will they still be travelling the world? What do you think?