St. Vincent performing at Laneway Festival on Monday 26th January

Let’s start off with a subtle brag: This time next week I will be in Melbourne! Look out for my 10 Must-Haves for Overseas Adventures coming next week, and keep up to date with my travels and all the gigs I am attending on our Instagram, as well as my own personal accounts. Now… Some music! By PATRICK CAMPBELL.


Brooke Fraser – Magical Machine

The latest release from this Kiwi songstress is a vamped-up, poppier version of Magical Machine. The video is pretty cool, but I’m still not sold on the new edit. (I am also still waiting for her to announce new tour dates). Check out the video here. 

P.S. Watch a wicked live session of this from last year as well! 

Groovin' The Moo

 This little touring festival of Australia just announced its lineup on Wednesday. Including the likes of Charli XCX and The Preatures, it’s sure to be a fun one. If anyone would like to fund me on a trip to go to this, feel free to contact me!

St. Vincent is EVERYTHING

I know I report on her too much, but I got to see her live from the front row on Monday and it was life-changing. Maverick Hana Ehrhorn has written an artist profile on her, which you can read here

Check out this wicked live performance of Birth In Reverse, with ALL the synchronised band movements!


Kanye West, Rihanna, and that Paul McCarthy guy?

Remember when Kanye West gave an old man a career in music by featuring him on Only One? Well, he’s establishing that man’s career, and helping push Rihanna back into releasing music with their new track. FourFiveSeconds is not what you’d expect from either West or Rihanna, but it’s a next level song! Give it a listen


The Preatures for $9.99!

For a limited time, in NZ you can buy the debut album from The Preatures for $9.99 on iTunes. Blue Planet Eyes was in my top albums of 2014 list and is worth any amount of money, so grab it while you can!


Charli XCX feat. Rita Ora

This came out last week but I completely forgot about it and I felt the need to share it because even with Rita Ora, Doing It is an incredible song. Can we start a petition to bring Charli to New Zealand now?


See ya next week for the international edition of The Weekly Music Haul, where I will update you on whether or not I have melted yet, and what I plan to do in Melbourne.


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