This week, we look back on the time that was One Direction, or at least all of One Direction. There are some other things too, but I am still too upset to give you a blurb about them here.


In Memoriam: One Direction as we knew them

Yes, we awoke to the sad news that Zayn Malik would be taking his leave of the band for good. There’s nothing else to say really, aside from the fact that the rest of the boys are going to continue on and chances are their management will pretend nothing has happened.

ILY Zayn. I’ll never forget your amazing high note in You & I <3


Charli XCX is coming to NZ, so that is cool?

2015’s resident rebel pop artist Charli XCX has announced a one-off Auckland show on May 5th, and thanks to iHeart Radio, it is free! FREEEEE! Register for tickets here.


Jamie McDell – Ask Me Anything

The new Jamie McDell album is out and it’s really good. We were lucky enough to film her performing some of the tracks live and they’ll be out for you all soon. Get Ask Me Anything here, and watch the video for Crash.


Rihanna – B***h Better Have My MoneyHow badass is that title? I’m still not to sure on this track, but give it a listen and I’m sure you’ll feel 2,000% cooler than before.


Tali – Wolves 

This is the latest album to come from legendary MC and songstress Tali. It comes out next month, but pre-order it now and you’ll get the new single Wolves, as well as the previous two!


Brooke Fraser – She actually is coming back

I was in doubt, but it’s been announced. Brooke Fraser will return home for three shows in June. Sadly, she won’t be making it the full tour, as she is pregnant, but she is coming. More info here.


Kimbra – As You Are

This is beyond cool/beautiful/IDEK. Just watch.


YouTube Music Awards

These are weird awards that have been happening for no reason I understand, however this year they gifted us some great music videos. Check out the playlist here, it has videos from FKA Twigs, Shamir. and Charli XCX among other cool stuff.


There is probably more music news this week, but I can’t deal because Zayn is gone from One Direction. I need to go cry again. I’ll be back next week.