Everybody stop! Emile Haynie has just released one of the best albums I’ve ever heard and you should hear it too. And also other music news.


Emile Haynie – We Fall

It’s been over a year since Emile Haynie dropped the intense track A Kiss Goodbye, and now he has just released his first full-length album. No longer hidden in the liner notes, Haynie has an all-star cast of features on We Fall, and they all add to the brilliance of the record.


TEARAWAY Live Sessions – The Soorleys

We have been planning and working on these for a while now, and I am glad to say that we have just released the first look into our new Live Sessions series. Take a look at our exclusive showcase from The Soorleys, and let us know which acts you would love to see play a live session.


The Brits

Madonna fell down some stairs at The Brits, and Taylor Swift won an award… Some people performed too, but Prince wasn’t there this year so did anyone really win?


Nate Ruess goes solo

The front man of Fun. has confirmed that he is now a solo act, with the release of a debut single. I’ve never been a massive fan of this guy but I’m open to change after hearing this (and the song he sings on the Emile Haynie album).


Thomston – Collarbones

One of the exciting up-and-comers from NZ, Thomas Stoneman is set to release his second EP and tour Europe this year. Collarbones marks the beginning of this massive year.


Jessie J – Coming to New Zealand (hopefully)

Some of you may remember that Jessie J has cancelled two trips to New Zealand already, but it seems likely that this time she won’t. Thanks to iHeart Radio, Jessie J will be playing a free show at Vector Arena on the 11th of March. Register here for tickets.


Sleater Kinney – Lots of things

My current obsession has had a busy week; Sleater Kinney managed to release a video, travel to England for a show and back to the US for a live-streamed gig in Washington DC. Could you do that? I could, but the music video would probably suck, and I might fall asleep during the gigs.

Here’s the video for A New Wave, which was made by the awesome people of Bob’s Burgers.


Scarlett Johansson makes music?

Turns out she does, and has formed a super group which features Este Haim on drums. Have a listen to their first song Candy here, and let us know what you think.