We are so excited about life this week. There has been an intense drop of great music, tour news and album release info. Here are some of our favourites.


Tori Kelly – Unbreakable Smile

This lovely lady wowed us with her amazing showcase in NZ recently, and she’s just dropped her debut album. Buy it here and let her voice blow your mind.


Silicon – New single, new album

Kody Neilson is always changing the landscape of NZ music, and his latest project Silicon is no different. Listen to Burning Sugar and preorder the album Personal Computer here.


MS MR – How Does It Feel

Another new song. This one is the title track of their upcoming album. SO GOOD is the only way to describe it. I hope they play this at Splendour.


Selena Gomez – Good For You

I’m still unsure about this one. It’s good, but is it REALLY GOOD? Help me decide!



I love Robyn! She is the undisputed queen of pop, and this time she has created a new project called Robyn & La Bagatelle Magique. Their first single is called Love Is Free. Give it a listen, tell us your thoughts.


Mark Ronson – I Can’t Lose

10/10 Jam. Much banger. V. good song. This one is so chill and vibey and it’s gonna get stuck in your head. The new video is also kinda cool.


The Chemical Brothers X St. Vincent

This song is better than I thought it would be, but worse than I hoped it would be.


Madonna is doing things

She released a music video and she’s announced a tour. If you have a spare few hundred dollars and want to go see her, then you can do that in March (as long as she doesn’t cancel), and you can watch her latest music video which features Beyoncé for two seconds now as well.


Years & Years – Foundation

Why is everyone releasing so much new music at once? Not that I’m bothered. This track is haunting and so is the video. Olly Alexander, please marry me?


New Bic Runga

Guys! Bic Runga put out a really cool song. Listen to it here, whilst reading our interview with Tiny Ruins here, and buying tickets to their joint tour here. GREAT!

I think that’s it for now. As per usual, I probably missed something, but oh well. #YOLO