Leaked albums, nostalgic covers, a British invasion – it's all happening in music this week. Here's Music Editor PATRICK CAMPBELL to tell you all about it, and a bit more. 

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Because of that, and because so many great things have happened this week in music, let’s celebrate by widening our musical horizons, and enjoying some fun music videos.


Years & Years – King

Years & Years are a cool band; the lead singer is quickly becoming one of my style icons. They've stepped it up a notch with the weird and wonderful video which accompanies their single King.


St. Vincent – Bad Believer

Because she is awesome and totally won everything except the Taylor Swift award for Taylor Swiftness last year, Annie Clark is re-releasing her amazing self-titled album. This is one of the new tracks on it. I wonder if we will hear it at Laneway Festival on Monday?

Björk’s album leaked... but it’s okay!

Usually it would be upsetting to hear that one of your favourite artist’s albums leaked, but this time it’s not! She’s decided to release it all digitally now, and it will be available next month. Buy the album here, and check out the amazing artwork for it. 


The 1975 and The Kooks

The Brits took NZ by storm over the past two weeks. I went and saw both The Kooks and The 1975. Check out my reviews, and also take a look at some of our, pics taken by the talented Jess Suo.


Shura – Indecision

One of my favourite acts from last year is gearing up to release (hopefully) one of the best albums of the year. In the meantime, Shura has dropped the video for her track Indecision. It’s really cool – I’m all about her subtle cameo. 


Emile Haynie: The man behind some of the greatest music ever

It’s been announced that next month we will hear the debut album from Emile Haynie. You may not know his name, but you will know his music for sure! Check out Wait For Life with Lana Del Rey and pre-order We Fall here.


Florence and the Machine – Take Care

Simply because this song features the line “It’s my birthday”, I am going to feature it this week. I’m also featuring this version because we could expect new music from Florence and the Machine at any point. This is their cover of Drake's hit from over three years years ago. 


Oh, BTW, I got tickets to see One Direction in Melbourne next month, and I need to share that with you all. I AM SO EXCITED. OK, bye!


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