Harry Styles complimented my hair through sign language, and gave me a water bottle that he drank from… I think that’s The Haul done. Nothing else needed, I’ve achieved everything anyone could want in life. I’m kidding! Here’s some other music stuff!


Drake Pulled A Beyoncé

Because if anyone can do it, it’s Drake. The affectionate Canadian rapper decided to drop a mixtape on iTunes the other day like it was no big deal. You can buy If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late on iTunes now.


Backstreet’s Back! (Or just coming for the first time)

In other exciting news, today it was announced that the classic boy band is coming down under in May. The Backstreet Boys are going to play a show at Vector Arena on May 12th. It’s going to be great, next level, insane. Prepare your bodies.


Taylor Swift – Style

The video is out and it is another good one. While some people are questioning whether or not this video suits the song, I’m just genuinely excited that this song is a single.


Beyoncé Slayed The Stevie Wonder Tribute

Don’t even get me started on this. I love her. One Direction may now be the best concert I’ve ever attended, but she is still the one true BeyBae in my heart.


One Direction – Clouds

To finish this Haul, I’m going to make you listen to the first song One Direction play at their show. Clouds is an upbeat anthem of a song. Harry kills it, Zayn kills it, Louis murders it politely, the other guys also partake in a Julius Caesar assassination type song. I honestly don’t know where I was going with that. Here you go.


Enjoy your week guys, and just remember that fate is real. I had my wallet stolen on Sunday afternoon, and eight hours later I was basically best friends with Harry Freakin Styles. #DontGiveUp