It’s Friday the 13th. This means two things: Ghosts, and Hell Pizza will have some killer deals on tonight. It also means that my Haul is going to be torturously long – then again, I’m the one who had to upload it, so who loses?


Stop everything. Go and buy Froot. It’s out now.

YES, the new Marina and The Diamonds album is out now. You can listen to it, you can feel it vibrating within your ears! You can do whatever else you can do with albums. This one will blow your mind and I could ramble forever, but seriously go buy it now. If you need more persuasion, listen to Can’t Pin Me Down now and fall in love.


I really really really really really like the new Carly Rae Jepsen song

It’s been a little while since we heard from Carly Bae Jepsen, but she is back. This song will hit you right in between your feels and your cutesicles. The video has Tom Hanks and bonus Bieber in it, so that’s more than enough reason to watch it, right?


All Time Low X Tearaway

It is finally up for all your viewing pleasure! Have a look.


Jarryd James – Do You Remember

Another newcomer, Jarryd James is an Aussie native who has had an amazing year already. He’s dropped an incredible debut single, hit number one on the Shazam top 20, announced a debut headline Australian tour, and also managed to release a music video this week. I can’t wait for more from this guy.


Thomston – Grey

Because he just won’t stop giving, Thomston has blessed us with another new track. Grey is good, Grey is vibing, Grey is dirty.


Ellie Goulding covers Take Me To Church

The world’s resident terrible break-taker has released another cover to Soundcloud because she just can’t help herself. I’m not mad though… It’s so good. Ily Ellie <3


Let’s take a moment to pray for me and the vital life moments I missed out on whilst uploading this for you all. GO BUY FROOT!