Tash Sultana drops new video

It’s said that Australian talent Tash Sultana plays about 20 different instruments. Add to the mix that she produced SALVATION, co-directed the music video, and isn’t afraid to jump out of airplanes, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for success. Pre-order her upcoming album Flow State here.


Jackson Owens releases Touch

Jackson Owens is a Kiwi lad whose vocal talents have landed him in Los Angeles at the ripe young age of 20. This week Jackson dropped his debut single Touch, where his powerful vocals take centre stage.


Brockhampton NZ tour and debut new song

Even if you only keep a lazy eye on hip-hop, it’s impossible to not have noticed Brockhampton’s meteoric rise in 2017. They dropped three albums loaded with equal parts bangers and emotions and went from relative unknowns to playing the festival circuit in what seemed like no time at all. Now, about half a year since SATURATION III was released, the collective are making their way over to little old New Zealand to play in Auckland. Get your tickets on Monday, and get them fast.

Oh, and they dropped a new song on the television.


New Kamasi Washington video

Ever wondered what it might sound like if Kamasi Washington scored a B-film in the 80s? This is probably the closest you’ll ever get to seeing that dream come to life.


Jam of the Week

There’s something deeply satisfying about the moments when John Butler really lets loose after teasing you with an onslaught of agile fretboard meandering. Here’s a version of Ocean that really celebrates that dynamic.




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