Just like every week, TEARAWAY once again digs up all of the good stuff that went down in the music world so that you don’t have to do it yourself.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra release American Guilt

It warms the cockles of my heart to hear good songs by good people from our good country.  American Guilt– the latest release from one of the few Kiwi artists that enjoy an international audience- is a tasty piece of lo-fi action driven by jagged guitars that may or may not be influenced by certain happenings within the titular country.

Drake uses God’s Plan to break records

Reports from close friends of Taylor Swift confirm that upon hearing Drake’s new track one-upped her Spotify record for most streams in a day, she refused to leave her Audi for six hours straight as torrents of her tears cascaded onto loose Franklins all around the interior rendering the paper money unusable. Oh, and the song got the same record over on Apple Music too. Be a part of history and add to the record by clicking here.

Hop Along announce new album, release single

Here’s a simple fact: Hop Along are a great band. Go and listen to Painted Shut now, or you’re no longer my anonymous friend. Their latest single, How Simple, serves as the opening track for their impending 6th April album, Bark Your Head Off, Dog. It’s a surprisingly reserved tune for an opening track that naturally morphs around Frances Quinlan’s gorgeous voice. Get it in your ears.

Alice Glass orders a CEASE AND DESIST

Alice Glass is hurt, angry, and owning it. As much is proved in the hook to her hectic new track, where she sings, “Promise me you’re never the victim, promise me you have to fight”. The song is two minutes of unbridled and deserved rage delivered over mountains of distortion.

Womad/Laneway schedules released

Thank our dear Creator above for the blessing of summer festivals, for they almost justify the excessive heat that this unforgiving deity is bestowing upon us at the moment. Both Womad and Laneway have chosen this week to drop the final schedules, both of which can be viewed below. Fair warning Laneway-goers: if your taste is similar to mine you have some big decisions to make about who you do and don’t see.

Visit the following links for more information:

And now…

Our #JamOfTheWeek this week goes out to the legendary BINKBEATS featuring Niels Broos. BINKBEATS is one of the most impressive multi-instrumentalists/live performers out at the moment, and the fire that Broos brings on the keys makes this his best video so far. Prepare thyself for glory, and have a ripper of a weekend.

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