Easter is a holiday best spent either going on an elaborately planned trip, or doing absolutely nothing. For those that follow the latter dogma, here’s the week’s best music news to keep you occupied for a few minutes after a well-deserved sleep in. We’ve all earned it.


MCK’s career is born anew in New Zealand

MCK’s new single Magnets marks a departure from her teenage years as a YouTube sensation with a burgeoning career in Nashville. Making a bold move to press pause at the age of 16, Comer honed her songwriting out of the public eye throughout the following years, forming a new creative direction and reigniting her sense of self in the process. She is now based in Auckland, and we’ve been told to “watch this space” for a body of work to come.


Hop Along release another single on eve of album release

It’s very easy to get caught up in any one aspect of Hop Along’s music. The band vary their performance to suit each song, and extra, unique elements are often brought in to freshen things up. On Prior Things the unique element is the addition of a bouncy string section, and the band adapts to suit. One thing remains constant though, and that’s Frances Quinlan. Her vocal performances are so insanely evocative and exciting that I tend to forget that those are real words that she’s singing, which is a horrendous injustice on my part considering the quality of her lyrics. Their new album Bark Your Head Off Dog drops next Friday.


Sammus kills feature with Agnosia

Sammus is one of the most talented and unique MCs out, and her feature on Agnosia’s new track Lisa Simpsons drives this fact home. If you’ve heard her album Pieces In Space, or even just her verse on Open Mike Eagle’s Hymnal you’ll know that Sammus’s specialty lies in bars packed with multi-syllabic rhyming. The short track length on Lisa Simpsons allows Sammus to flex that muscle more than adequately. Listen to the track here.

Sammus- image taken from the video for Qualified

Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks announce Sparkle Hard, drop tune

Stephen Malkmus is best known as the frontman from Pavement, but upon the release of Sparkle Hard him and The Jicks will have dropped a whopping seven LPs; two more than Pavement ever did. Sparkle Hard is available for preorder here and will feature the dirty, spacious single Shiggy, available to stream here.

Stephen Malmus and the Jinks- image supplied

Jam of the Week

Blind Guardian’s Bard’s Song is my official pick for the best singalong to ever have existed, and this crowd appear to agree. This is nothing short of glorious.


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