Grab the nearest pair of headphones you can, hide yourself in a dark corner somewhere, and prepare to transcend all of your responsibilities through the wonder of loud noises battering your earholes. We’ve got the week’s best music news condensed down in our Music Haul for your aural pleasure.


Holly Arrowsmith drops new track and music video today

Every Kingdom is Holly Arrowsmith’s third single released for her upcoming album A Dawn I Remember, which is set to be released on 22nd June. Every Kingdom is a song built around slow, hypnotic acoustic guitars, sparse piano, and Holly’s astounding lyricism. The video, directed by Andrew Hewson, is also jaw-droppingly gorgeous.


Tha Movement drops an emotional rollercoaster of a track

Graduated isn’t just a great song with the most blissful sounding beat you’ll hear this week, it’s also a fully fleshed out story. Here’s the description from the Youtube video to set the scene:

“Growing up in urban Aotearoa, for some of our New Zealand born Pacific youngsters, it was common practice for parents to threaten to send their children “back to the islands” if they got themselves into any serious trouble. Graduated is the true story of what happened to a young south Auckland Sāmoan boy when the threat became a reality and he was sent to his parents birth place without a return ticket.”


Courtney Barnett sells out first Auckland show, adds a second

Courtney Barnett released her hotly anticipated LP Tell Me How You Really Feel last Friday, but her first Auckland show had already sold out before the album even dropped. Fortunately a second date has been added on 28th August to make sure that everybody can get down to see her at Powerstation. And that does mean everybody, as the show is an all ages affair! Nab some tickets for the new show here.

Courtney Barnett chilling in…a spa? A bath? Wait, is that an old phone? Image supplied.

Swallow the Rat drop a gloomy tune

 Echoes of a Tide happens to sound like an overcast day in New Zealand interspersed with a couple of dramatic thunderstorms. These dramatic thunderstorms are represented by way of an absolutely filthy chorus that completely rips the song apart when it arrives. If you feel like having your brain melted, turn this one way up.


Jam of the Week

Against All Logic’s Know You uses a super catchy sample to throw down those Friday night dance vibes.


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