We’re sure you’ve heard of Stardoll and you’ve probably played on it before, allowing you to show your creative side and style outfits on your favourite celebrities. Young New Zealander Brittany Glassey was recently picked out of those 300 million people as the first member to be featured in the Stardoll Diaries video series and had her fashion ideas published for the world to see.


What was your first thought when you found out you were one of the people picked for the Stardoll Diaries out of 300 million people worldwide?

When I first found out I couldn’t believe it! I’ve played Stardoll for so long because I loved the fashion, illustration style and the worldwide community which surrounds it. Over the years it has influenced and helped me see that what I really enjoyed doing on this website (fashion, designing clothes and styling) can actually be something I can pursue in real life. I’ve been through my teenage years on this website and at the time now where I am making these decisions for the future, it is such an honour to present this journey back to the community.

The Stardoll Diaries is a video series which is made to inspire members and show them how Stardoll has impacted their real lives in different ways. As the years have passed my ambitions have become more directed to helping other members see their potential and follow their dreams. To meet and connect to so many people through this website is just amazing.


Brittany-stardoll-160915-twaWhat inspires your fashion sense?

I am inspired by a lot of things. One mainly being personal experiences. What I’ve seen, learnt or felt. Being on Stardoll, I like looking through the website for ideas and styles. I also have a deep interest in Japanese street fashion and the diverse styles and culture around it.


How would you describe your personal style?

I like a lot of feminine styles, such as flared skirts and shaped jackets are things I am focused on at the moment. I like experimenting with materials and prints though so it almost has a structured, yet playful feel to it. I am still trying to understand my personal style as I continue this fashion journey.


What are your best fashion tips?

Never be afraid to try something new. Whether it be an accessory, clothing item or anything. Don’t be worried, rock it! Confidence is respected, and you may just be surprised at what you discover from getting out of your style comfort zone.


What other designers and blogs do you follow?

I follow the Stardoll Blog and various surrounding community blogs, they are always up to date with the latest fashion info. I also keep updated on the, there is such a variety of styles and designers featured that there is always something new and interesting to discover or to inspire me.


What wardrobe items could you not live without?

I currently like wearing suit jackets, something to slip on which has that slightly-formal yet casual feel about it when going out. However this changes if it’s the school term, I do a lot of work and running around therefore I cannot live without printed leggings, they help raise the vibes during stressful school times.


What advice can you give to fellow budding fashionistas wanting to be in the industry?

Just go for it! Never give up. I have experienced some amazing things in this journey so far, but I have also had many problems. The thing is to never let it get the best of you. It can be sometimes intimidating looking at the fashion industry, but make sure to stay true with your design ideas and stand your ground. I can guarantee that when you look back you will be proud that these hardships did not stop you. The positives of following your dreams is just such an enjoyable and fulfilling experience which doesn’t have to stay a dream. Make it a reality.

Brittany-designs-stardoll-160915-twaWhat are your plans for the future?

Right now I am completing Year 13 at school along with a few fashion events on the side. I am planning to pursue a bachelor’s degree in fashion design next year which is the next big step in my fashion journey. Stardoll has been something very close while growing up and I am sure it will still stay close with me in the future. I design because I love it, and to have taken me this far already is something that is sometimes overwhelming to think about, yet amazing and I am very excited to keep following this dream into the future.