You’ve probably heard of Rhett & Link. They’ve been around since the dawn of YouTube, making hilarious videos. Like the time they snuck on to the Grammy’s red carpet.



But what they are best known for is Good Mythical Morning, the 12-minute daily talk show where they talk about all sorts of stuff, play games, eat increasingly weird things (fish head fondue, anyone?), and just generally have fun.

GMM is one of the best things on YouTube. If you’re never heard of GMM, let this serve as an introduction. Oh, you’re already an avid GMM fan? Then enjoy these episodes once more.


GMM #578: Will it Popsicle?

Everyone loves a good popsicle (personally, Traffic Lights are my jam), but who knew you could get so creative with them. Wax popsicle, anyone?


GMM #736: Giant Cereal Bowl

Very few people have had the privilege of swimming in a giant bowl of cereal. Rhett and Link are a part of that select elite.


GMM #818: Worst Toys Ever

Most of these toys are pretty funny. But one of them is the stuff nightmares are made of.


GMM #533: Will it Deep Fry?

At one point in your life, you’re bound to have been sitting, watching your fish and chips be prepared and thought to yourself “I wonder what would happen if I deep fried these sunglasses on my head.” Wonder no more.


GMM #443: Locked in a Sensory Deprivation Tank

Rhett and Link both spend some time in a sensory deprivation tank, just like the astronauts. The real star of this video, though, might be the guy who owns the tank.


GMM #658: World’s Most Dangerous Amusement Park

Imagine if Rainbow’s End was like Action Park. The Fear Fall is bad enough.


GMM #639: Things Most Humans Can’t Do

I can lick my elbow. It’s a great social ice-breaker. Or, in most cases, it makes you the weird guy in the middle of the room licking his elbow.


GMM #756: Extreme Soda Taste Test

Oyster fizzy sounds repulsive. But maybe it would be popular in Gore?